2018 Video Form

Please find below all race results that have corresponding videos for the 2018 season.

Date Course Time Race Name
2018-04-21Chms13:00ARO is the sole Arabian Racing Authority in the UK Newcomers Maiden Stakes
2018-04-21Chms13:30www.aroracing.co.uk Handicap Stakes 0-40
2018-04-21Chms14:0020 Free Bet At Totesport.com Open Maiden Stakes
2018-04-21Chms14:30Totepool Cashback Club At Totesport.com Handicap Stakes 0-85
2018-04-21Chms15:00Bet In Play At Totesport.com Handicap Stakes 0-60
2018-04-21Chms15:30H.H. Sheikh Mansoor Festival at CCR 19th August Handicap Stakes
2018-04-21Chms16:00Join ARO at Chelmsford on 24th June Handicap Stakes 0-65
2018-05-13Taun13:00Forta Stud Restricted Maiden Stakes
2018-05-13Taun13:30www.aroracing.co.uk Handicap Stakes 0-50
2018-05-13Taun14:00ARO welcomes Taunton Annual Badge Holders Maiden Stakes
2018-05-13Taun14:30Somerset Day Handicap Stakes 0-70
2018-05-13Taun15:00ARO proud to support St Margaret's Hospice Handicap Stakes 0-80
2018-05-13Taun15:30ARO at Chepstow on 27th May Handicap Stakes 0-40
2018-05-13Taun16:00Join ARO at Taunton on 8th September Open Handicap Stakes
2018-05-27Chep13:00The Sultanate of Oman Maiden Stakes
2018-05-27Chep13:30Visit Oman Handicap Stakes 0-55
2018-05-27Chep14:00The Royal Cavalry of Oman Handicap Stakes 0-90
2018-05-27Chep14:30www.aroracing.co.uk Hands and Heels Handicap Stakes 0-45
2018-05-27Chep15:00Muscat Handicap Stakes 0-85
2018-05-27Chep15:30Nizwa Fort Handicap Stakes 0-65
2018-05-27Chep16:00UK Arabian Derby winner Nafees Handicap Stakes 0-75
2018-05-28Wind13:55The Royal Cavalry of Oman ARO Cup International Stakes (Group 3)
2018-06-02Donc17:55Arabian Racing Organisation Premier Handicap Stakes 0-85
2018-06-10Wolv13:00The Royal Cavalry of Oman Congratulates Gary Capewell on 1000 Arabian commentaries Maiden Stakes
2018-06-10Wolv13:30The Royal Cavalry of Oman Open Maiden Stakes
2018-06-10Wolv14:00Happy 9th Birthday Elsie Handicap Stakes 0-65
2018-06-10Wolv14:30www.omanair.com Handicap Stakes 0-75
2018-06-10Wolv15:00The Sultanate of Oman Open Handicap Stakes
2018-06-10Wolv15:30Visit Oman Handicap Stakes 0-85
2018-06-10Wolv16:00Visit Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort Handicap Stakes 0-45
2018-06-14Newb12:50Dubai International Arabian Races at Newbury, 29th July International Stakes
2018-06-15Chep17:20DIAR Premier Handicap Stakes
2018-06-24Chms13:45CCR are Proud to Support Arabian Racing in the UK Maiden Stakes
2018-06-24Chms14:15Ladies World Championship on 19th August Handicap Stakes 0-70
2018-06-24Chms14:45H. H. Sheikh Mansoor Festival at CCR Maiden Stakes
2018-06-24Chms15:15www.aroracing.co.uk Handicap Stakes 0-65
2018-06-24Chms15:45DIAR at Newbury on 29th July Handicap Stakes 0-90
2018-06-24Chms16:15Win a Car at DIAR Newbury Handicap Stakes 0-80
2018-06-24Chms16:45Al Nahyan Cup Group 1 PA at CCR Handicap Stakes 0-40
2018-07-03Chep17:45www.aroracing.co.uk Amateur Riders Handicap Stakes 0-55
2018-07-05Newb17:05DIAR at Newbury, 29th July International Stakes
2018-07-12Newb17:15DIAR at Newbury, 29th July International Stakes