How The Site Works

Site data

  • The race result data has been produced from the results PDF's produced by ARO.
  • Horse specifics such as bloodlines have been developed from the PDF indexes created by ARO.

Tweaking the site i.e. altering the data that is already live

  • A relatively quick and painless process, however, delays may occur before these changes are made.
  • Changes will be made later in the evening and well away from race meetings to ensure that site visitors are not negatively affected.
  • We hope to keep people informed via Facebook of any periods affected by data change.
  • New features may be added to the site out of season to ensure the content isn't adversely affected.

Racing updates

  • Updates relating to recently run races are unlikely to affect site users.
  • Entries and results should be available within twenty-four hours of the details being published by ARO.
  • We hope to have the declarations available on the same day that they are published by ARO.
  • Given that this is our first season producing results as we go along, timescales are subject to change - please bear with us while we find an efficient way of producing the data.