How To Help

Arabian Race Form is an amateur run site, and is considered a work in progress. We appreciate that the site needs to be as accurate as possible to become useful and would very much appreciate any adjustments you can suggest to the current data. In time, we'd like to see a lot more statistics and data that will be of interest to racegoers and connections alike; some of this will require more web development skills or ideas on how to produce the data in a user friendly format.

We would welcome any assistance you may be able to offer us in terms of making the information more accurate or introducing new features - we've covered some of the key areas of help below, but are always open to new ideas!

Inaccurate data

Please let us know if you spot any of the following - we'd appreciate the chance to put it right!

  • Incorrectly capitalized names i.e. if a prefix is being shown as a mixture of uppercase and lowercase instead of fully uppercase.
  • Additionally, with people's names we have tried to research how the names should be displayed according to the English language, but fully appreciate language rules change from country to country. Let us know if you want the capitilization changing for your name.
  • In some cases, riders are displayed with two or three different version of their names (full names, one or more initials). In it's current format, the code (or the Developer!) can't tell for sure that they are the same person. If this is your data, please feel free to let me know which results belong to you and how you would like your name to appear on the site.
  • Data on your page or your horse's page that belongs to someone else.

Missing data

If data is missing from your page or that of your horse, please let us know. The information will be in our database somewhere, but it's probably not pointing to the correct horse/connection.

Error messages/pages not existing

If you've clicked a link and received an error message, or there's no data on the page, please send the web address to us for further investigation.

Feedback, new features and other suggestions

Feedback will help us to improve the site in terms of quality and access. Please do feel free to get in touch - our email is available at the top of this page, or you can message us on Facebook via the Arabian Race Form messages, or a personal message to Charlotte Dolby.