2014 Video Form

Please find below all race results that have corresponding videos for the 2014 season.

Date Course Time Race Name
2014-05-11Taun14:00Qatar Racing And Equestrian Club Maiden Stakes
2014-05-11Taun14:30ARO Open Race
2014-05-11Taun15:00Katara Cultural Village Handicap Stakes
2014-05-11Taun15:30Sultanate of Oman Handicap Stakes
2014-05-11Taun16:00Royal Cavalry of Oman Handicap Stakes
2014-05-11Taun16:30QREC Al Rayyan Handicap Stakes
2014-05-11Taun17:00ARO Open Race
2014-05-25Curr17:05The President Of The UAE Cup (Listed PA)
2014-06-08Here14:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Arabtec Maiden Stakes
2014-06-08Here14:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority Handicap Stakes (0-50)
2014-06-08Here15:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - IFAHR Handicap Stakes
2014-06-08Here15:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - General Youth and Sports Authority Restricted Maiden Stakes
2014-06-08Here16:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - AD Sports Council Handicap Stakes
2014-06-08Here16:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - TDIC Conditions Stakes
2014-06-08Here17:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Supporting Arabian Racing at Hereford Handicap Stakes
2014-06-22Hunt14:00Royal Cavalry of Oman Maiden Stakes
2014-06-22Hunt14:30Friends of Arabian Racing Remembrance Handicap Stakes
2014-06-22Hunt15:00ARO Thoroughbred Race
2014-06-22Hunt15:30Katara Beach Handicap Stakes
2014-06-22Hunt16:00Sultanate of Oman Handicap Stakes
2014-06-22Hunt16:30Qatar Supporting British Breeders Maiden Stakes
2014-06-22Hunt17:00Royal Cavalry of Oman Handicap Stakes
2014-06-22Hunt17:30ARO Thoroughbred Race
2014-07-05Here14:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Invest AD Maiden Stakes
2014-07-05Here14:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Equestrian Club Handicap Stakes
2014-07-05Here15:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Dr Nader Saab Switzerland Handicap Stakes
2014-07-05Here15:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Al Rashid Investment Handicap Stakes
2014-07-05Here16:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - AD National Exhibition Centre Maiden Stakes
2014-07-05Here16:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - ADIHEX Handicap Stakes
2014-07-05Here17:00ARO Thoroughbred Race
2014-07-05Here17:30ARO Thoroughbred Race
2014-07-27Hunt14:00Royal Cavalry of Oman Juvenile Maiden Stakes
2014-07-27Hunt14:30ARO Thoroughbred Race
2014-07-27Hunt15:00Sultanate of Oman Handicap Stakes
2014-07-27Hunt15:30www.deborahburt-sculpture.co.uk Handicap Stakes
2014-07-27Hunt16:00Royal Cavalry of Oman Handicap Stakes
2014-07-27Hunt16:30Aspire Park Maiden Stakes
2014-07-27Hunt17:00Corniche Park Handicap Stakes
2014-07-27Hunt17:30ARO Thoroughbred Race
2014-08-10Newb13:50Emirates Airline Premier Handicap Stakes
2014-08-10Newb14:25Emirates Equestrian Federation International Stakes (Group 2)
2014-08-10Newb15:05Emirates NBD International Stakes
2014-08-10Newb15:40Jebel Ali Racecourse Zaabeel International Stakes (Group 1)
2014-08-10Newb16:20Shadwell Arabian Stallions Hatta International Stakes (Group 1)
2014-08-10Newb16:55Shadwell Stud Dubai International Stakes (Group 1)
2014-08-10Newb17:30Rotana Hotels and Resorts Premier Handicap Stakes
2014-08-10Newb18:05National Academy of Indian Payroll Handicap Stakes
2014-08-24Wind14:05Al Qurm Beach Maiden Stakes
2014-08-24Wind14:35Ras Alhad Beach Handicap Stakes
2014-08-24Wind15:10Alsawadi Beach Handicap Stakes
2014-08-24Wind15:45Muscat Handicap Stakes
2014-08-24Wind16:20Al Bustan Beach Conditions Stakes
2014-08-24Wind16:50Salalah Handicap Stakes
2014-09-07Here14:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Racing Post Maiden Stakes
2014-09-07Here14:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Emirates Arabian Horse Society Handicap
2014-09-07Here15:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Alawani Enterprises Handicap
2014-09-07Here15:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Abu Dhabi Falconers Club Handicap
2014-09-07Here16:00Wathba Stud Farm Cup - Emirates Airline Handicap
2014-09-07Here16:30Wathba Stud Farm Cup - AD Media Company Maiden Stakes
2014-09-07Here17:00ARO Thoroughbred Stakes
2014-09-07Here17:30ARO Thoroughbred Stakes
2014-09-13Donc17:35Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club Harwood International Stakes
2014-09-20Newb12:50Wathba Stud Farm Cup Premier Handicap Stakes
2014-09-28Wolv14:00QREC ARO Season Finale Maiden Stakes
2014-09-28Wolv14:30Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club Bronze Cup Stakes
2014-09-28Wolv15:00Al Bida Park Handicap Stakes
2014-09-28Wolv15:30Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club Silver Cup Stakes
2014-09-28Wolv16:00Al Khor Park Handicap Stakes
2014-09-28Wolv16:30Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club Gold Cup Stakes
2014-09-28Wolv17:00AIRE Concrete Thoroughbred Silver Final
2014-09-28Wolv17:30M P Martin & Solent Civil Engineering Ltd Thoroughbred Gold Final