2001 Race Results

Please find below all race results for the 2001 season. To view results from a different year, use the seasonal links located on the right hand side.

Date Course Time Race Name
2001-04-21Newb13:30The Emirates Arabian Premier Handicap
2001-05-13Wolv13:30The Jamestown Maiden Stakes (Division I)
2001-05-13Wolv14:00The Jamestown Maiden Stakes (Division II)
2001-05-13Wolv14:30The 'Let It Be' Stakes
2001-05-13Wolv15:00The Red Mills 'Always A Winner' Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-05-13Wolv15:30Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-05-13Wolv16:00The Stevie Wonder Maiden Stakes
2001-05-13Wolv16:30The Wedgewood Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-05-13Wolv17:00The Joe Louis Restricted Maiden Stakes
2001-05-16Brig13:55The UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation International Stakes (Group 3)
2001-05-30Newb17:55Emirates Arabian Premier Limited Handicap Stakes (Listed Race)
2001-06-02Font17:00The Champagne Restricted Maiden Stakes
2001-06-02Font17:30The Equine America Stakes
2001-06-02Font18:00The Cal Ramon Maiden Stakes
2001-06-02Font18:30Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-06-02Font19:00The Oakley Coach Builders Handicap Stakes
2001-06-02Font19:30The Equestrian Surfaces Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-06-02Font20:00The C M Cole Mares Only Qualifier
2001-06-02Font20:30The Sussex Maiden Stakes
2001-06-02Font21:00The Kelanne Stud Handicap Stakes
2001-06-14Brig18:05The UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation International Stakes (Group 3)
2001-06-17Fake14:00The C B A Maiden Stakes
2001-06-17Fake14:35The Rossdale and Partners Handicap Stakes
2001-06-17Fake15:10Clarendon Stud Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-06-17Fake15:45Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap
2001-06-17Fake16:20The Dodson and Horrell Stakes
2001-06-17Fake16:55The Tattersalls Handicap Stakes
2001-06-17Fake17:30The Hamilton & Partners Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-06-22Good18:05The UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation International Stakes (Group 3)
2001-06-23Brig16:00The Evans Halshaw Ford Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-06-23Brig16:30The Henry Smith Handicap Stakes
2001-06-23Brig17:00The Rivervale Mercedes Maiden Stakes
2001-06-23Brig17:30Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-06-23Brig18:00The Powells of Coolham Stakes
2001-06-23Brig18:30The Chris Hall (Hay and Straw) Stakes
2001-06-23Brig19:00The Brighton Mitsubishi Handicap Stakes
2001-07-05Newb18:10The Emirates Arabian International Stakes (Group 3)
2001-07-07Exet14:00The Teignmouth Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-07-07Exet14:30The Two Gills Maiden Stakes
2001-07-07Exet15:00The Bramble Ward Stakes
2001-07-07Exet15:30Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-07-07Exet16:00The Bovey Tracey Stakes
2001-07-07Exet16:30Clarendon Stud Handicap Stakes
2001-07-07Exet17:00The C M Coles Mares Only Qualifier
2001-07-07Exet17:30The Dawlish Warren Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-07-22Newb14:30The Equisoft Premier Limited Handicap
2001-07-22Newb15:00The Jumeirah International Stakes (Group 2)
2001-07-22Newb15:30The Hatta International Stakes (Group 1)
2001-07-22Newb16:00The Dubai International Stakes (Group 1)
2001-07-22Newb16:30The Zaabeel International Stakes (Group 1)
2001-07-22Newb17:00The Highclere Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-07-22Newb17:30The Easter Panic International Stakes
2001-07-29Brig14:00The Harwood Maiden Stakes
2001-07-29Brig14:30The Tenon Stakes
2001-07-29Brig15:00The Angel Arabians Handicap Stakes
2001-07-29Brig15:30Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-07-29Brig16:00The City and Suburban Handicap Stakes
2001-07-29Brig16:30The Tenon Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-07-29Brig17:00The C M Cole Mares Only Qualifier
2001-08-04Wolv18:00The Dorey Maiden Stakes
2001-08-04Wolv18:30The Agama Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-08-04Wolv19:00The Mtoto Handicap Stakes
2001-08-04Wolv19:30The Satank Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-08-04Wolv20:00The Deira Maiden Stakes
2001-08-04Wolv20:30Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-08-04Wolv21:00The Possesive Dancer Stakes
2001-08-04Wolv21:30The Jumeria Beach Handicap Stakes
2001-08-05Newb13:30The Emirates Arabian Premier Limited Handicap Stakes (Listed Race)
2001-08-06Ripo13:45The Emirates Arabian Apprentice Premier Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-08-12Taun14:00The Red Mills Stakes
2001-08-12Taun14:30The Willesley Equine Clinic Stakes
2001-08-12Taun15:00The Bridgwater Handicap Stakes
2001-08-12Taun15:30The Clarendon Stud Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-08-12Taun16:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-08-12Taun16:30The Tim Macmillan Handicap Stakes
2001-08-12Taun17:00The McCloy and Co Maiden Stakes
2001-08-19Towc14:00The Silverstone Maiden Stakes
2001-08-19Towc14:30The Daventry Handicap Stakes
2001-08-19Towc15:00The Teffont Magna Handicap Stakes
2001-08-19Towc15:30Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-08-19Towc16:00The Northamptonshire Handicap Stakes
2001-08-19Towc16:30The Brunton Brothers Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-08-19Towc17:00The Clarendon Stakes
2001-08-19Towc17:30The Blisworth Handicap Sweepstakes
2001-08-20Brig14:00The UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation International Stakes (Group 2)
2001-08-27Chep14:00The Emirates Arabian (amateur Riders) Limited Handicap Stakes (Listed Race)
2001-09-02Leic14:00The Calders & Grandidge Handicap Stakes
2001-09-02Leic14:30The Wigston Stakes
2001-09-02Leic15:00The Loughborough Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-09-02Leic15:30The Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-09-02Leic16:00The Fosse Way Handicap Stakes
2001-09-02Leic16:30The Oadby Maiden Stakes
2001-09-02Leic17:00The Equisoft Handicap Stakes
2001-09-02Leic17:30The C M Cole Mares Only Qualifier
2001-09-04Brig14:00The UAE Equestrian & Racing Federation International Stakes (Group 3)
2001-09-16Utto14:00The St Modwen Handicap Stakes
2001-09-16Utto14:30The Gain Horse Feeds Maiden Stakes
2001-09-16Utto15:00The Marchington Stakes
2001-09-16Utto15:30The Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-09-16Utto16:00The R P George Handicap Stakes
2001-09-16Utto16:30The Anwar Racing-Com Handicap Stakes
2001-09-16Utto17:00The Rugeley Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-09-22Newm14:05The Abu Dhabi International Championship (Group 1)
2001-09-22Newm14:45The President of The UAE International Challenge Derby (Group 1)
2001-09-30Stra14:00The AWA (Bloodstock) Stakes
2001-09-30Stra14:30The Clarendon Stud Handicap Stakes
2001-09-30Stra15:00The Claydon Horse Exerciser Stakes
2001-09-30Stra15:30The Simon Davis Handicap Stakes
2001-09-30Stra16:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Qualifier) Handicap Stakes
2001-09-30Stra16:30The C M Cole Mares Series Final
2001-09-30Stra17:00The Horse and Hound Limited Handicap Stakes
2001-09-30Stra17:30The Wellesbourne Maiden Stakes
2001-10-14Newm13:00The British Breeders Championship (Listed Race)
2001-10-14Newm13:30The UAE International Maiden Stakes
2001-10-14Newm14:00The Newmarket International Stakes
2001-10-14Newm14:30The William Hill Handicap Stakes
2001-10-14Newm15:40The Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club International Cup (Group 2)
2001-10-14Newm16:10The Jebel Ali Racing Club (Series Final) Handicap Stakes (Listed Race)
2001-10-14Newm16:40The Clarendon Stud Handicap Stakes (Listed Race)