2000 Race Results

Please find below all race results for the 2000 season. To view results from a different year, use the seasonal links located on the right hand side.

Date Course Time Race Name
2000-05-06Mark14:00The Welcome To ARO Maiden Race
2000-05-06Mark14:30The Warleigh Stakes
2000-05-06Mark15:00The Bath Conditions Stakes
2000-05-06Mark15:30The Conkwell (0-40) Feature Handicap
2000-05-06Mark16:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club Series (0-60) Qualifier
2000-05-06Mark16:30The Murhill (0-75) Handicap
2000-05-06Mark17:00The Limpley Stoke (0-90) Conditions Race
2000-05-06Mark17:30The Claverton (0-65) Maiden Stakes
2000-05-13Chep14:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club Series (0-45) Qualifier
2000-05-13Chep14:30The St Modwen Maiden Stakes
2000-05-13Chep15:00The Tattersalls Open Conditions Stakes
2000-05-13Chep15:30The Conkwell (0-65) Feature Handicap
2000-05-13Chep16:00The Clarendon Stud (0-55) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-05-13Chep16:30The Monmouthshire (0-85) Handicap
2000-05-13Chep17:00The River Severn Open Handicap
2000-05-13Chep17:30The Morison Stoneham (0-70) Maiden Stakes
2000-05-21Taun14:00The Bathwick Tyre Taunton Open Maiden Stakes
2000-05-21Taun14:30The Bathwick Tyre Yeovil (0-70) Conditions Stakes
2000-05-21Taun15:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club Series (0-55) Handicap Qualifier
2000-05-21Taun15:30The Bathwick Tyre Barnstaple (0-45) Feature Handicap
2000-05-21Taun16:00The Bathwick Tyre Bristol (0-80) Handicap
2000-05-21Taun16:30The Bathwick Tyre Open Limited Handicap
2000-05-21Taun17:00The Bathwick Tyre Midsomer Norton Stakes
2000-05-21Taun17:30The Bathwick Tyre Chippenham Open Maiden Stakes
2000-06-03Font14:00Watt To Wear Mares Maiden Stakes
2000-06-03Font14:30The Curragh Bloodstock Agency (0-80) Conditions Stakes
2000-06-03Font15:00Hedgers Racehorse Transport Open Conditions
2000-06-03Font15:30Equine America (0-95) Limited Feature Handicap
2000-06-03Font16:00Morison Stoneham Open Limited Handicap
2000-06-03Font16:30The Jebel Ali Racing Club Series (0-60) Handicap Qualifier
2000-06-03Font17:00Oakley Coach Builders (0-45) Handicap
2000-06-03Font17:30Kelanne Stud (0-70) Maiden Stakes
2000-06-06Ling17:15The Emirates Arabian Sprint Stakes
2000-06-08Newb18:00The Emirates Arabian Stakes
2000-06-11Fake14:00Bengali D'Albret Stakes
2000-06-11Fake14:30The Hamilton & Partners Ltd (0-80) Handicap Stakes
2000-06-11Fake15:00The Dodson & Horrell Ltd (0-75) Handicap
2000-06-11Fake15:30The Shadwell (0-100) Feature Handicap Stakes
2000-06-11Fake16:00The Point Stakes
2000-06-11Fake16:30The Curragh Bloodstock (0-95) Limited Handicap
2000-06-11Fake17:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club (0-55) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-06-11Fake17:30The Melton Paddock (0-40) Stakes
2000-06-18Hunt14:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club (0-65) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-06-18Hunt14:30J M Ratcliffe Racehorse Transport (0-70) Conditions Stakes
2000-06-18Hunt15:00The Tattersalls Stakes
2000-06-18Hunt15:30The Esteem Bloodstock (0-40) Feature Handicap
2000-06-18Hunt16:00The Dodson & Horrell Open Race
2000-06-18Hunt16:30The Y Z Sprint Limited Handicap
2000-06-18Hunt17:00The Calders & Grandidge Maiden Race
2000-06-18Hunt17:30The Frank Buckle (0-50) Handicap Stakes
2000-06-25Brig14:30The Argus Drive Classified (0-90) Conditions Stakes
2000-06-25Brig15:00The Evans Halshaw Ford Cars Open Handicap Challenge
2000-06-25Brig15:30The Tates For Superdeals (0-110) Limited Handicap
2000-06-25Brig16:00The Rivervale Mercedes-Benz (0-60) Feature Handicap Trophy
2000-06-25Brig16:30The Naylor's Nag Motor Show Challenge, www.thisisbrighton.co.uk (0-75) Handicap
2000-06-25Brig17:00The Contact-A-Car (0-55) Conditions Challenge
2000-06-25Brig17:30The Frosts Four Peak Charity Open Maiden Challenge
2000-06-25Brig18:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club (0-40) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-07-15Folk14:00The Aswan Maiden (0-70) Handicap
2000-07-15Folk14:30The Morafic (0-50) Handicap
2000-07-15Folk15:00The Badr Open Handicap
2000-07-15Folk15:30The Garahah (0-85) Feature Handicap
2000-07-15Folk16:00Al Khawaneej Maiden Conditions Stakes
2000-07-15Folk16:30The Clarendon Stud (0-65) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-07-15Folk17:00The Naseer Open Maiden Stakes
2000-07-15Folk17:30The Abjar (0-95) Conditions Stakes
2000-07-23Newb14:00The Mckinnon Bloodstock "Fortune Favours The Daring" (0-75) Limited Handicap
2000-07-23Newb14:30The Hatta International Stakes
2000-07-23Newb15:00The Jumeirah International Maiden Stakes
2000-07-23Newb15:30The Al Rasidiya Championship Stakes
2000-07-23Newb16:00The Dubai International Stakes
2000-07-23Newb16:30The Zaabeel International Stakes
2000-07-23Newb17:00The Deira Conditions Stakes
2000-07-23Newb17:30The Equestrian Surfaces (0-90) Limited Handicap
2000-07-30Brig14:00The Doreg Open Maiden Stakes
2000-07-30Brig14:30The Jebel Ali Racing Club (0-50) Limited Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-07-30Brig15:00The Mtoto Open Conditions Stakes
2000-07-30Brig15:30The Satank (0-70) Feature Handicap
2000-07-30Brig16:00The Jumeria Beach Open Handicap
2000-07-30Brig16:30The Agama (0-85) Limited Handicap
2000-07-30Brig17:00The Possesive Dancer Stakes
2000-07-30Brig17:30The Deira (0-65) Limited Maiden Handicap
2000-08-06Taun14:00The Tim Macmillan (0-95) Limited Handicap
2000-08-06Taun14:30The Red Mills Horse Feeds Open Limited Handicap
2000-08-06Taun15:00The Taunton Bathwick Tyre (0-70) Feature Handicap
2000-08-06Taun15:30The Jebel Ali Racing Club (0-55) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-08-06Taun16:00The Granby Ironstone Open Handicap
2000-08-06Taun16:30The Willesley Equine Clinic Open Maiden Stakes
2000-08-06Taun17:00The Lansdown Mazda (0-45) Limited Handicap
2000-08-12Exet14:00The Devon Life Open Maiden Stakes
2000-08-12Exet14:30The Jebel Ali (0-50) Limited Handicap Series Qualifer
2000-08-12Exet15:00The Angel Arabians Sprint Stakes
2000-08-12Exet15:30The Rainbow Trust (0-120) Feature Handicap
2000-08-12Exet16:00The Clarendon Stud (0-75) Handicap Series Qualifer
2000-08-12Exet16:30The Angel Arabians Open Conditions Stakes
2000-08-12Exet17:00The Haldon (0-100) Limited Handicap
2000-08-12Exet17:30The Al Aweer (0-65) Maiden Handicap
2000-08-20Newm14:00The Al Asayl (0-85) Limited Handicap
2000-08-20Newm14:30The Ghantoot (0-60) Limited Handicap GB Bred Stakes
2000-08-20Newm15:00The Al Nahyan International Championship
2000-08-20Newm15:30The UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation International Maiden Stakes
2000-08-20Newm16:00The Al Ain (0-90) Limited Handicap Stakes
2000-08-20Newm16:30The Easter Panics International Stakes
2000-08-20Newm17:00The Newmarket Open Conditions Stakes
2000-08-28Chep14:00The Emirates Arabian (0-110) International Limited Handicap
2000-09-03Brig14:00The Chris Hall (Hay & Straw) Maiden Stakes
2000-09-03Brig14:30The Two Gill's Open Conditions Stakes
2000-09-03Brig15:00The Henry Smith Gb Bred Open Handicap
2000-09-03Brig15:30The Cree-Run Enterprises (0-75) Feature Handicap
2000-09-03Brig16:00The Champagne (0-95) Limited Handicap
2000-09-03Brig16:30The Harwood (0-45) Limited Handicap
2000-09-03Brig17:00The Allan Linfield Memorial Maiden Stakes
2000-09-03Brig17:30The Jebel Ali Racing Club (0-60) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-09-09Stra14:00The Aswan Open Maiden Stakes
2000-09-09Stra14:30The Clarendon Stud (0-50) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-09-09Stra15:00The Desant Four Year Old Championship
2000-09-09Stra15:30Al Khawaneej Open Handicap
2000-09-09Stra16:00The Deira (0-85) Handicap
2000-09-09Stra16:30The Badr Open Limited Handicap
2000-09-09Stra17:00The Roseif (0-70) Handicap
2000-09-09Stra17:30The Marmorafic (0-60) Conditions
2000-09-15Newb17:15The Emirates Arabian International Mile
2000-09-16Newm14:05The Abu Dhabi International
2000-09-16Newm14:45The President of The UAE International Challenge Derby
2000-09-30Stra14:00The Horse & Hound Open Maiden
2000-09-30Stra14:30The Ok Arabians Long Distance Championship
2000-09-30Stra15:00The Stablemate (0-85) Handicap
2000-09-30Stra15:30The Tim Pullen Associates (0-100) Limited Handicap
2000-09-30Stra16:00The C M Cole Open Conditions Stakes
2000-09-30Stra16:30The Jebel Ali Racing Club (0-60) Handicap Series Qualifier
2000-09-30Stra17:00The Champagne Open Limited Handicap
2000-10-08Newm14:00The Newmarket Sprint Limited Handicap
2000-10-08Newm14:30Clarendon Stud (0-85) Handicap Series
2000-10-08Newm15:00Qatar Airways International Cup
2000-10-08Newm15:30The Juvenile International Maiden Stakes
2000-10-08Newm16:00The Jebel Ali Racing Club Open Handicap Final
2000-10-08Newm16:30British Breeders Championship