Mrs T E Pfeiffer

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2017-09-23Top Trip PAHC3/106.5011-4Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-09-23Just The Ticket PAFinal6/1010.505-2Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-09-23Crown Of Salona PA0-404/88.009-4Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-08-28Top Trip PAHC1/95-2fMr R J Pfeiffer
2017-08-28Just The Ticket PA0-552/81.505-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-08-28Crown Of Salona PA0-404/97.006-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-08-04Just The Ticket PA0-609/1134.2517-2Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-07-18Just The Ticket PA0-504/96.5013-2Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-06-17Crown Of Salona PA0-356/825.2510-11fMr R J Pfeiffer
2017-06-17Just The Ticket PA0-5010/1139.506-4fMr R J Pfeiffer
2017-05-21Top Trip PA0-453/1217.0012-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-05-07Top Trip PA0-508/923.507-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2017-05-07Crown Of Salona PA0-352/12hd3-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-09-25Just The Ticket PAFinal1/115-2Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-09-25Sky Chart TBTB 6-103/416.753-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-08-28Just The Ticket PA0-452/157-2Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-08-07Sky Chart (IRE)TBTB 1-56/754.50+14-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-08-07Iziz Bint Kray PA0-4013/13121.00+25-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-07-29Crown Of Salona PA0-506/921.0013-2Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-06-05Iziz Bint Kray PAMaid10/1033.0040-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-06-05Just The Ticket PA0-451/113-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-05-22Crown Of Salona PA0-404/105.5011-10Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-05-22Iziz Bint Kray PAMaiden6/668.00+25-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-05-07Just The Ticket PA0-452/92.004-1Mr R J Pfeiffer
2016-05-07Iziz Bint Kray PAMaid9/924.75+20-1Mr R J Pfeiffer