Miss G Ward

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Miss G Ward. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2017-07-15Al Mirzam PAMaid3/69.007-1Mr Will Pettis
2016-08-20Jaldi Karo PAGrp 16/89.008-1Timmy Murphy
2016-08-13Jaldi Karo PAGrp 24/85.504-1Timmy Murphy
2016-07-24Jaldi Karo PAGrp 16/710.506-1Steve Drowne
2016-07-07Jaldi Karo PACond3/74.509-2Steve Drowne
2016-05-14Jaldi Karo PAGrp7/1010.509-4fDaryll Holland
2016-04-17Jaldi Karo PACond1/36-4Mr Simon Walker
2015-09-25Jaldi Karo (GB)PAGrp4/109.009-1Luke Morris
2015-09-20Selketh (FR)PAMaid6/927.502-1Miss Page Fuller
2015-08-30Jaldi Karo (GB)PACond2/71.506-1Mr M S Johnson
2015-08-30Toutatix (FR)PACond4/76.006-1Miss Page Fuller
2015-07-26Selketh (FR)PAGrp2/60.508-1M Manueddu
2015-07-26Nekhen Taoui (FR)PAGrp7/836.7525-1M Manueddu
2015-07-26Toutatix (FR)PACond6/631.7511-1Richard Mullen
2015-07-26Jaldi Karo (GB)PAPrem11/1232.5017-2Liam Jones
2015-07-09Selketh (FR)PACond5/76.5013-2Stevie Donohoe
2015-07-04Jaldi Karo (GB)PA0-901/45-2Mr Simon Walker
2015-07-04Nekhen Taoui (FR)PAMaid1/91-1fMr Simon Walker
2015-06-11Nekhen Taoui (FR)PAConds4/531.759-2Mr M S Johnson
2015-06-07Jaldi Karo (GB)PA0-955/521.757-2Mr M S Johnson
2015-06-07Toutatix (FR)PA0-952/5hd6-4jfMr Simon Walker
2014-09-28Toutatix (FR)PA0-100+6/63.25+Mr Simon Walker
2014-09-28Zeyna El Nil (GB)PAMaid7/71.25+Miss S D Gandola
2014-09-25Nekhen Taoui (FR)PAGroup4/610.50Mr M S Johnson
2014-09-13Toutatix (FR)PAGrp9/1316.2516-1Alistair Rawlinson