Mr W M Smith

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2019-09-21Zaheen PA0-551/109-1Mr James W Harding (3)
2019-08-18Zaheen PAMaid6/1032.0025-1Mr William Humphrey (3)
2018-09-16Zaheen PACond6/617.5020-1Miss Ellie Mackenzie
2018-09-16Sand Fly PAMaid9/964.005-1Mr Simon Walker
2017-09-23Saiida Qardabiyah (FR)PAMaid2/61.254-1Mr Simon Walker
2016-09-25Mystic Night PAMaid13/1385.00+10-1Mr R G Woollard
2016-09-25Paramer Angel PAMaid10/1322.504-1Mr Simon Walker
2016-09-25Saiida Qardabiyah (FR)PAMaid12/1355.00+16-1Miss S D Gandola
2015-07-26Katonahotinroof MHF (GB)PAPrem3/124.502-1fMr Simon Walker
2015-07-18Katonahotinroof MHF (GB)PAMaid1/87-2fMr Simon Walker
2015-06-07Katonahotinroof MHF (GB)PAMaid2/4shd5-4jfMr Simon Walker
2014-09-28Katonahotinroof MHF (GB)PAMaid2/71.00Mr Simon Walker
2014-09-20Ambrose (GB)PAPrem5/811.25Mr Simon Walker
2014-08-24Ambrose (GB)PA0-80/856/619.50Mr Simon Walker
2013-09-28Djenuine Jewel (USA)PA0-60/659/922.504-1Mr Simon Walker
2013-09-28Virastar (GB)PAMaid5/729.756-1Mr M Stanley
2013-09-28Letsgetreadytorumble (USA)PAMaid4/723.753-1Mr Simon Walker
2013-09-21Ambrose (GB)PAPrem8/1119.504-1Mr Simon Walker
2013-09-08Ambrose (GB)PA0-80/851/99-2Mr Simon Walker
2013-09-08Djenuine Jewel (USA)PA0-60/655/94.50+5-4fMr Simon Walker
2013-09-08Kao Kat MHF (USA)PAMaid1/64-5fMr Simon Walker
2013-09-08Letsgetreadytorumble (USA)PAMaid4/610.50+5-1Mr M Stanley
2013-08-25Djenuine Jewel (USA)PA0-50/551/122-1fMr Simon Walker
2013-08-25Kao Kat MHF (USA)PAMaid2/76.002-1Mr Simon Walker
2013-08-25Letsgetreadytorumble (USA)PAMaid4/715.005-1Mr M Stanley