M. F Rohaut

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2019-07-31Muraaqib (FR)PAGrp 15/88.2511-10fJim Crowley
2019-07-28Saleh (FR)PAConds2/74.252-1Olivier Peslier
2018-09-15Goumoh PAGrp 15/78.0010-1Mickael Forest
2018-09-15Rajeh (FR)PAGrp 12/71.0011-10fFrancois Xavier Bertras
2018-08-01Muraaqib (FR)PAGrp 11/105-2Jim Crowley
2018-08-01Ateej (USA)PAGrp 15/1010.758-1Christophe Soumillon
2017-08-12Sha'hir PAGrp 1U/95-1Mickael Forest
2017-07-30Muraaqib (FR)PAGrp 14/712.256-4fJim Crowley
2017-07-30Karimah (FR)PAGrp 12/9sh3-1Olivier Peslier
2017-07-30Barnamaj (FR)PAGrp 12/910.008-1Jim Crowley
2017-07-30Foaad (FR)PACond2/80.509-4fJim Crowley
2016-07-30Rawah (GB)PAGrp 15/1213.7510-1Francois Xavier Bertras
2016-07-24Muraaqib (FR)PAGrp 11/77-4fFrancois Xavier Bertras
2016-07-24Foaad PACond1/88-1Francois Xavier Bertras
2015-07-26Handassa (FR)PAGrp3/56.509-2Francois Xavier Bertras
2013-09-14Sivit Al Maury (FR)PAGrp9/1812.7511-1Paul Hanagan
2013-07-12Sivit Al Maury (FR)PAGrp3/121.75Francois Xavier Bertras
2011-07-17Aktar Lotois (FR)PACond1/79-4jfFrancois Xavier Bertras
2009-07-25Raked (FR)PAGroup3/131.254-1Francois Xavier Bertras
2009-07-08El Rigoletto (FR)PAGroup2/82.5010-1Francois Xavier Bertras
2008-07-09Al Mannsoub (FR)PAGroup4/1113.004-1Richard Hills
2007-07-11Paris Gagner (FR)PAGroup4/83.004-6fRichard Hills
2006-07-23Mahabb (UAE)PAGroup2/75.002-1Francois Xavier Bertras
2006-07-23Mizzna (FR)PAGroup1/46-4Francois Xavier Bertras
2006-07-23Zormania (FR)PAGroup1/65-4fRichard Hills