Mrs G M Richardson

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2004-07-03Ygnasio (GB)PA0-40/455/813.2525-1Mr D Turner
2004-06-19Ygnasio (GB)PA0-40/457/731.509-4Miss Anna Wallace
2004-05-16Ygnasio (GB)PA0-60/654/511.5020-1Mr D Turner
2003-07-26Ygnasio (GB)PA0-40/456/127.75Mr D Turner
2003-07-05Ygnasio (GB)PA0-90/956/781.50+Mr D Turner
2003-06-22Ygnasio (GB)PA0-40/455/128.50Mr D Turner
2003-05-30Ygnasio (GB)PA0-40/457/1153.75Mr D Turner
2003-05-16Ygnasio (GB)PA0-50/5514/1840.00Mr M A Coumbe (5)
2003-05-03Ygnasio (GB)PA0-60/659/1441.00Mr R S Uden (5)
2002-09-28Ygnasio (GB)PA0-50/5510/1233.00Mrs C Price (5)
2002-07-06Rezah's Starfighter (GB)PA0-50/556/1025.00Mr Stephen Harrison (5)
2002-07-06Ygnasio (GB)PA0-50/552/102.50Mr D Turner
2002-05-18Rezah's Starfighter (GB)PA0-40/457/1117.50Miss L M Salt
2002-05-18Ygnasio (GB)PA0-40/453/111.50Mr D Turner
2000-08-12Rezah's Starfighter (GB)PA0-50/553/54.00Mr C Jenkins
2000-08-12Ygnasio (GB)PA0-50/551/5Mr N D Isaac
2000-08-06Rezah's Starfighter (GB)PA0-40/451/3Mr C Jenkins
2000-08-06Ygnasio (GB)PA0-90/957/749.50+Mr C Jenkins
2000-05-21Rezah's Starfighter (GB)PA0-40/452/43.50Mr C Jenkins
2000-05-21Ygnasio (GB)PA0-70/755/523.00Miss H K Taggart
2000-05-13Ygnasio (GB)PA0-50/552/312.00Mr C Jenkins
2000-05-13Rezah's Starfighter (GB)PA0-40/455/524.00Miss H K Taggart