Mrs J D Lees

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2017-09-23Gelliwen PAFinal7/139.0012-1Miss E Mackenzie
2017-07-30Gelliwen PA40-7511/1917.0016-1Miss E Mackenzie
2017-07-18Jellaby Bahar (BH)PA0-509/983.2512-1Miss E Mackenzie
2017-06-17Gelliwen PA0-601/96-1Miss E Mackenzie
2017-06-17Jellaby Bahar (BH)PAMaid8/886.7533-1Ms Anita Cook (5)
2017-05-07Jellaby Bahar (BH)PAMaid13/1358.0033-1Ms Anita Cook (5)
2016-09-25Gelliwen PAFinal3/119.005-1Miss E Mackenzie (5)
2016-08-28Johara Bint Shuwaiman PA0-553/725-1Mr James W Harding
2016-08-28Gelliwen PA0-704/111014-1Miss E Mackenzie (5)
2016-08-07Shuwaiman Al Kebir PA0-604/94.7525-1Miss E Mackenzie (5)
2016-08-07Gelliwen PA0-604/94.7512-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-06-09Gelliwen PACond6/622.2525-1Mr Will Pettis
2016-06-05Shuwaiman Al Kebir PA0-458/119.0015-2Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-06-05Majid Bin Krayaan PA0-704/413.505-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-06-05Gelliwen PA0-552/83.5010-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-06-05Leyla Bint Krayaan PAMaid6/665.00+33-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-05-22Gelliwen PA0-606/821.503-1fMr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-05-22Shuwaiman Al Kebir PA0-504/56.007-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-05-07Shuwaiman Al Kebir PA0-458/922.0012-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-05-07Johara Bint Shuwaiman PA0-655/543.25+10-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-05-07Majid Bin Krayaan PA0-756/85.50+10-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-05-07Leyla Bint Krayaan PAMaid8/924.75+12-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-04-17Gelliwen PA0-703/68.004-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2016-04-17Shuwaiman Al Kebir PA0-555/529.506-4fMr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2015-09-20Shuwaiman Al Kebir (GB)PAH'cap7/1018.007-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)