Miss S G Kelleway

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2011-07-17Aakbe (GB)PAPrem8/159.008-1Mr Simon Walker
2011-05-28Aakbe (GB)PA0-70/752/92.002-1fMr Simon Walker
2002-10-13Guybert De Carrere (FR)PA0-60/6512/1360.25+Miss S G Kelleway
2002-10-13Salwata (FR)PA0-80/856/195.25Miss G M Kelleway
2002-10-13Abra (FR)PA0-80/853/191.25Mr G Holmes
2002-10-13Djoumis De Leyre (FR)PAInt4/104.25Miss S G Kelleway
2002-10-13Pepy (FR)PAInt8/109.00S Sanders
2002-10-13Pagoda Point (GB)PAInt3/45.00Mr P Collington
2002-10-13Laysh La (GB)PAInt2/42.50S Sanders
2002-10-13Djemila De Leyre (FR)PA0-90/9512/1413.75Miss G M Kelleway
2002-10-13Kapvert (FR)PA0-90/953/141.75Miss C Jessop
2002-10-13Rosilis (FR)AA/PB0-100+3/30.75Miss S G Kelleway
2002-10-13Call Me Risky (GB)AA/PB0-100+1/3Miss G M Kelleway
2002-10-04Laysh La (GB)PAInt5/519.00Ted Durcan
2002-09-28WFA Dodi (GB)PA0-50/556/1223.75Miss C Jessop
2002-09-28Djoumis De Leyre (FR)PACond1/5Miss S G Kelleway
2002-09-28WFA Pavane (GB)PA0-80/8511/1124.00Miss S G Kelleway
2002-09-28Diva Lotoise (FR)PA0-90/956/1110.50Miss C Jessop
2002-09-28Iamys De Carrere (FR)PA0-90/954/115.25Miss S G Kelleway
2002-09-28Crusader Junior (GB)PA0-60/651/4Miss C Jessop
2002-09-28Bawader (GB)PAMaid4/430.00Miss C Jessop
2002-09-28Rosilis (FR)AA/PB0-100+3/56.00Miss S G Kelleway
2002-09-21Rosilis (FR)AA/PB0-100+2/32.50Miss S G Kelleway
2002-09-21Djemila De Leyre (FR)PA0-90/952/21.50Miss S G Kelleway
2002-09-21Crusader Junior (GB)PA0-60/654/99.75Miss C Jessop