Mrs C Conen

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2006-08-19WFA Naeema (GB)PABand7/87.5040-1Mr L McJannet (5)
2006-08-12WFA Naeema (GB)PABand7/139.7520-1Mr J Akehurst (5)
2006-07-30WFA Naeema (GB)PABand7/1157.0020-1Mr L McJannet (5)
2006-07-08WFA Naeema (GB)PABand11/1149.2510-1Mr L McJannet (5)
2003-08-30WFA Naeema (GB)PA0-60/656/717.50Mr A Holdsworth
2003-07-12Sahara Stormbird (GB)PAMCW/13Mr M Allen
2003-06-08WFA Naeema (GB)PA0-70/7510/1217.25Mr M Allen
2002-08-26WFA Naeema (GB)PA0-60/652/140.50Mr S Walsh (5)
2002-08-03WFA Naeema (GB)PA0-60/655/119.50Mr S Walsh (5)
2001-09-02Refarri Xedos (GB)PA0-70/755/148.00Mr J Davies
2000-09-03Refarri Xedos (GB)PA0-60/657/811.75Unknown
2000-08-20Refarri Xedos (GB)PA0-60/6513/1542.75Mr P Deymonaz
2000-07-15Refarri Xedos (GB)PA0-50/553/47.00Mr C Jenkins
2000-06-25Refarri Xedos (GB)PA0-40/451/5Mr P Deymonaz
2000-06-11Refarri Xedos (GB)PA0-50/554/432.00+Mr N D Isaac
2000-06-03Refarri Xedos (GB)PA0-40/455/69.50Mr N D Isaac