M. A Chaille-Chaille

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2005-08-14Al Joude (FR)PAGroup14/1626.758-1T Fourcy
2005-08-14Al Zahrah (FR)PAGroup2/111.753-1jfT Fourcy
2005-07-05Al Sabeq (FR)PAGroup3/70.503-1Ted Durcan
2003-07-20El Djal (FR)PAInt10/1025.75Francois Xavier Bertras
2003-07-20Jawade (FR)PAInt8/1513.50Francois Xavier Bertras
2003-07-20Kinana (FR)PAInt2/10nkFrancois Xavier Bertras
2002-07-21Jawad Al Kheir (FR)PAInt4/96.00Charles Nora
2002-07-09Jawad Al Kheir (FR)PAInt6/87.25O Trigodet
2001-09-22Iset La Belle (FR)PAInt3/64.00Jean-Bernard Eyquem
2001-09-22Jawad Al Kheir (FR)PAInt2/120.50Charles Nora
2001-07-22Al Sakbe (GB)PAInt1/5Richard Hills
2001-07-22Salma (FR)PAInt2/82.50O Trigodet
2001-07-22Jawad Al Kheir (FR)PAInt1/9O Trigodet
2000-08-20Djarisa Des Forges (FR)PAInt2/60.50O Trigodet
2000-07-23Djarisa Des Forges (FR)PAForn2/91.00Jean-Bernard Eyquem
2000-07-23Idole D'Auvergne (FR)PAForn4/1112.00O Trigodet