24 July 2004
Race Time:15:30
 Purebred ArabianConditions Race
The Town & Country Novice Riders Classified Stakes
 For purebred arabians, 4 yrs old and upwards, rated 0-45 (50). To be ridden by novice riders. Allowances where applicable.
Winning Time: 01:15:59To race over five furlongs or thereaboutsTurf: Firm
Pos Dist Horse Eqp Wgt Rat Age Price Trainer/Jockey
1Makhai (GB)10-245510-1Mr P D Rondel
Miss A Hockley (5)
20.50Maghriba (GB)9-84586-1Mrs J Hutchings
Miss K Turbutt
31.50Aramits (FR)10-75065-2Mr G Kimberley
Mr G Kimberley (5)
41.00Sabez (GB)10-2451120-1Mr D J Paton
Ms C Stockham (5)
51.75Al Aasi (GB)10-44785-1Mrs A L Colledge
Mr D Colledge
60.75Bergerac (GB)9-1340433-1Dr V J Rhodes
Mr A P Rhodes
71.50CS Lafaz (GB)10-54888-1Mr J R Collier
Mr T Collier (5)
80.50Alanya (GB)9-838126-1Mrs Susan Connally
Miss Anna Wallace
93.50Madison (GB)9-54548-1Mr P J Murphy
Mr M Sheridan
100.75Island Benedict (GB)cp9-11271016-1Mrs Jenny Peyton
Mr D R Cook (5)
113.50Agwa Muneera (GB)9-845127-2Mrs N van Dijk
Mr D T Weeks
125.00Nicholettah (GB)9-83997-1Mr R S Uden
Mrs D Selfe
134.00Doraman (GB)vis10-2221133-1Mr A J Jennings
Miss J Carr (5)
141.50Silver Mebo (GB)cp9-825533-1Miss L Allan
Mrs B Vergette (5)
1512.00Naserah (GB)9-845136-1Mr R S Uden
Mr R S Uden