Mr T Marquand

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2021-09-11Awtaar PAGrp 15/921.259-1Mr James Owen
2021-09-04Bayan Athbah PAGrp 31/87-2fMr Philip Collington
2021-08-14Al Kaaser (FR)PAGrp 23/82.752-1fMr James Owen
2021-07-28Farhaa PAGrp 110/1127.0014-1Mr James Owen
2020-08-01Storm Troupour (US)PAGrp 18/921.5025-1Mr Okbah Aashour
2019-08-17Kao Kat MHF (US)PAGrp 37/107.758-1Ms B Deutrom
2019-07-31Hau Kola PAGrp 17/825.7533-1Mr P J Hammersley
2016-06-23Naishaan (FR)PACond4/101.755-1Mr James Owen
2015-07-26Aurora Forta (AE)PACond4/64.5011-1Mr P J Hammersley
2015-07-26Parma T (NL)PAPrem8/1223.2512-1S M Shefras
2015-07-09Cheik Roque (FR)PACond1/711-2Mr P J Hammersley
2014-09-28Lahoob (GB)PA0-100+4/63.25+Ms B Deutrom
2014-07-27Taer Al Hurr (IQ)PA0-40/457/725.75+Mr M P Cooper
2013-09-08Dancing Tara (GB)P/A/TORH11/111.00+Mrs K Corder
2013-09-08Franchesca's Gold (GB)P/A/TORHRF/106.75+5-1Mrs K Corder
2013-08-25Franchesca's Gold (GB)P/A/TOH10/1118.5020-1Mrs K Corder
2013-08-03Franchesca's Gold (GB)P/A/TORH3/96.506-1Mrs K Corder
2013-07-06Notid (FR)PA0-50/556/107.5033-1Mr D J Paton
2013-07-06Dancing Tara (GB)P/A/TOH9/1032.7520-1Mrs K Corder
2013-06-23Dancing Tara (GB)P/A/TORC9/936.2516-1Mrs K Corder
2013-06-02Franchesca's Gold (GB)P/A/TOH6/98.5016-1Mrs K Corder