Miss R King

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2013-09-28Tender Moments (GB)P/A/TORC2/152.504-1Mrs P M Brown
2013-09-28Syrah Gris (GB)PA0-80/853/93.257-2Mr A S Newey
2013-09-28El Adjban (GB)PACond1/24-7fMrs G M Duffield
2013-09-28Suchaking (GB)PA0-60/654/97.256-1Mr A S Newey
2013-09-28Taer Al Hurr (IQ)PA0-40/458/924.753-1Mr M P Cooper
2013-09-28Vent De Faust (FR)PAMaid2/71.755-1Mrs G M Duffield
2013-09-21Syrah Gris (GB)PAPrem4/1110.508-1Mr A S Newey
2013-09-08Tender Moments (GB)P/A/TORH3/111.00Mrs P M Brown
2013-09-08Syrah Gris (GB)PA0-80/852/90.505-1Mr A S Newey
2013-09-08Azizi (FR)PA0-90/952/62.503-1Mrs G M Duffield
2013-09-08Four Pleasure (GB)P/A/TORH2/102.75eves S M Shefras
2013-09-04El Adjban (GB)PAGrp2/62.00100-3Mrs G M Duffield
2013-08-25Jiggalong (GB)P/A/TOH1/119-4S M Shefras
2013-08-25Lamy (IQ)PA0-50/556/1215.2510-1Mr M P Cooper
2013-08-25Syrah Gris (GB)PA0-100+4/48.7514-1Mr A S Newey
2013-08-25Imaam (GB)PA0-80/854/97.504-1Mrs G M Duffield
2013-08-25Taer Al Hurr (IQ)PA0-70/756/718.005-1Mr M P Cooper
2013-08-15Tatweer (FR)PA0-90/953/121.2510-1Mrs G M Duffield
2013-08-15El Adjban (GB)PAGrp5/87.257-1Mrs G M Duffield
2013-08-15Altesse Kossack (NL)PAPrem5/79.759-1Mr P J Hammersley
2013-08-15Syrah Gris (GB)PAPrem2/161.5012-1Mr A S Newey
2013-08-03Jiggalong (GB)P/A/TOH1/105-2S M Shefras
2013-08-03Akmal (GB)PAX13/43.009-4Mrs G M Duffield
2013-08-03Taer Al Hurr (IQ)PA0-40/452/81.004-6fMr M P Cooper
2013-08-03Four Pleasure (GB)P/A/TORH1/94-5fS M Shefras