Mr S Holdsworth

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Mr S Holdsworth. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2006-10-01Bonham (FR)PABand13/1711.75+12-1Mrs Susan Connally
2006-10-01Lavish (FR)PA0-80/8515/1641.7510-1Mr W M Smith
2006-10-01Jelvita (FR)PAGroup3/49.256-1Mrs A Batchelor
2006-10-01Za'eemah (UAE)PA0-90/953/62.258-1Mr W M Smith
2006-10-01Bab Tjadi (FR)PA0-70/755/810.009-2Mr W M Smith
2006-10-01Ardente Sauvage (FR)AA/PBCond1/63-1Mrs A Batchelor
2006-09-23Jana (GB)PA0-60/658/109.257-1Mrs S J Saunders
2006-09-23Khulan (GB)PA0-70/758/108.758-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-23Baraka Sharlap (UY)PA0-80/858/848.7520-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-23A Mans Man (FR)PAOH3/418.757-2Mr W M Smith
2006-09-23Karang (GB)PAMaid4/513.7512-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-16Methyar (UAE)PA0-70/7510/1023.7510-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-16Curupanna (GB)AA/PB0-100+1/79-4fMr P Greenwood
2006-09-16Khulan (GB)PA0-80/8510/1215.2510-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-16Benoire (GB)PAMaid5/634.508-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-15CS Malik (GB)PA0-90/951/76-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-03Jana (GB)PA0-60/659/149.753-1Mrs S J Saunders
2006-09-03Merhy (GB)PA0-80/859/1054.7512-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-03CS Malik (GB)PA0-90/953/72.254-1Mr W M Smith
2006-09-03CS Charma (GB)PAMaid3/53.506-1Mr W M Smith
2006-08-26Dakota Willow (GB)PABand4/611.253-1Mr K D Malpass
2006-08-19Curupanna (GB)AA/PBOH3/66.508-1Mr P Greenwood
2006-08-19A Mans Man (FR)PA0-90/952/63.5010-1Mr W M Smith
2006-08-19Jasoora (UAE)PA0-70/753/141.507-1Mr W M Smith
2006-08-19Proven Point (GB)PAMaid1/9Eves Mr W M Smith