Miss K Turbutt

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Miss K Turbutt. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2004-09-25Lady Marisha (GB)PA0-60/658/1314.006-1Mrs H L Bona
2004-09-25Ba'biole (FR)PAMaid13/1349.5033-1Mr S Dilley
2004-09-05Maghriba (GB)PA0-50/558/910.009-2Mrs J Hutchings
2004-08-14Ma Yahab (UAE)PA0-60/659/1068.2520-1Miss E George
2004-08-06Troy (GB)PA0-50/55PU/1350-1Mr N G Bell
2004-07-24Omar (GB)PA0-60/6513/1626.758-1Mr K Omar
2004-07-24Maghriba (GB)PACond2/150.506-1Mrs J Hutchings
2004-07-03Eternal Light (GB)PA0-70/7511/1660.7533-1Mrs A L Colledge
2004-07-03Maghriba (GB)PACond6/933.2533-1Mrs J Hutchings
2004-07-03Hardtoback (GB)AA/PBOH3/73.007-1Mrs Jenny Peyton
2004-07-03Island Benedict (GB)PA0-40/453/87.0016-1Mrs Jenny Peyton
2004-06-26Island Benedict (GB)PACond7/1012.5020-1Mrs Jenny Peyton
2004-06-19FH Dynamique (GB)PA0-60/6511/1618.0010-1Miss W Parkin
2004-06-19Island Benedict (GB)PA0-40/454/718.507-1Mrs Jenny Peyton
2004-06-06Fantasia Spring (GB)PA0-40/455/627.7510-1Ms T J Wright
2004-06-13Nashwaan (GB)PA0-50/5510/1432.2512-1Mrs M P Neatby
2004-06-13Ma Yahab (UAE)PAMaid6/1223.0033-1Miss E George
2004-05-22Island Benedict (GB)PA0-40/453/77.0020-1Mrs Jenny Peyton
2004-05-16Ma Yahab (UAE)PAMaid10/1514.2533-1Miss E George
2003-10-12Lile D'Amour (GB)PA0-50/5511/2022.00Mrs Susan Connally
2003-09-27Alanya (GB)PA0-70/7512/1911.25Mrs Susan Connally
2003-09-27Kirnpreet (GB)PA0-40/459/1163.50+Mr R A Prior
2003-09-20Kazcade (GB)PA0-60/655/613.00Mrs Susan Connally
2003-09-20Gift Of The Nile (GB)PA0-40/455/105.00Mr N G Bell
2003-09-14Maght (GB)PACond2/110.50Ms G Ward