Mr D T Weeks

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Mr D T Weeks. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2004-08-21Khulan (GB)PAMaid5/89.756-1Mr W M Smith
2004-08-14Muqdam (UAE)PA0-80/858/1012.5020-1Mr A J Brunton
2004-08-14Messenger Man (GB)PA0-60/654/105.255-2Mr W M Smith
2004-08-14CS Wraith (GB)PAMaid4/814.0025-1Mr A J Brunton
2004-08-06Inspector Morse (GB)AA/PBCond1/66-4fMr J R Candlish
2004-08-06WFA Leopard (GB)PA0-80/852/6sh3-1Mr J R Candlish
2004-08-06SA Arc En Ciel (GB)PA0-50/555/1342.7533-1Mr D Grant
2004-08-06Almost All (GB)PAMC1/7Eves Mr J R Candlish
2004-08-06Vakate (GB)PA0-70/752/81.506-1Mr W M Smith
2004-07-24FH Duval (GB)PA0-80/856/736.2510-1Mr J R Candlish
2004-07-24Raihan (UAE)PA0-60/6516/1661.75+9-1Mrs Susan Connally
2004-07-24Agwa Muneera (GB)PACond11/1515.257-2Mrs N van Dijk
2004-07-24CS Volante (GB)PAMaidW/14Mr A J Brunton
2004-07-18FH Duval (GB)PA0-90/9515/1717.5025-1Mr J R Candlish
2004-07-18SA Bibi (GB)PA0-70/7512/1911.5020-1Mr G Farr
2004-07-03Rassam (UAE)PA0-70/756/1625.506-1Mr D T Weeks
2004-07-03Gift Of The Nile (GB)PA0-40/456/816.756-4fMr N G Bell
2004-06-26Almost All (GB)PAMC3/122.506-1Mr J R Candlish
2004-06-26FH Duval (GB)PA0-70/754/93.755-1Mr J R Candlish
2004-06-19FH Panache (GB)PA0-60/657/1616.2510-1Miss W Parkin
2004-06-19Inspector Morse (GB)AA/PBOH1/5Eves Mr J R Candlish
2004-06-19SA Anothersam (GB)PA0-40/453/78.503-1Miss W Parkin
2004-06-19Almost All (GB)PAMaid4/58.757-2Mr J R Candlish
2004-06-06Gift Of The Nile (GB)PA0-40/451/62-1Mr N G Bell
2003-10-12The Vertuous Crusader (GB)PA0-70/758/218.50Mr A J Brunton