Jockey Form: Mr R S Uden

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Mr R S Uden. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2004-07-24Naserah (GB)PACond15/1537.756-1Mr R S Uden
2004-07-03Lami Sharab (GB)PA0-70/7515/1699.9933-1Mr R S Uden
2004-07-03Nicholettah (GB)PA0-60/655/84.257-1Mr R S Uden
2004-06-13Sumayyah (GB)PA0-50/5514/1456.2514-1Mr R S Uden
2004-06-13Sammantha (GB)PAMaid11/1263.5033-1Mr R S Uden
2003-10-12Sumayyah (GB)PA0-50/5516/2054.50Mr R S Uden
2003-10-12HS Hidden Gold (GB)PA0-70/7519/2153.00Mr R S Uden
2003-09-27Nicholettah (GB)PA0-70/7515/1913.25Mr R S Uden
2003-09-20Sumayyah (GB)PA0-40/452/100.75Mr R S Uden
2003-09-14Naserah (GB)PA0-50/558/165.25Mr R S Uden
2003-07-05Afra (GB)PA0-60/653/43.50Mr R S Uden
2003-07-05Nicholettah (GB)PA0-40/4510/1522.25Mr R S Uden
2003-06-28Sumayyah (GB)PA0-60/656/645.00Mr R S Uden
2003-06-28Naserah (GB)PACond2/60.75Mr R S Uden
2003-05-03Ygnasio (GB)PA0-60/659/1441.00Mrs G M Richardson
2003-05-03Naserah (GB)PA0-40/456/109.25Mr R S Uden
2002-10-13Aikon Aszu (GB)PA0-80/8513/1932.75Mr R S Uden
2002-07-27Aikon Aszu (GB)PA0-50/559/1039.50Mr R S Uden
2002-07-27Afra (GB)PA0-353/91.75Mr R S Uden
2002-06-29Afra (GB)PA0-355/67.25Mr R S Uden
2002-05-18Naserah (GB)PA0-40/4511/1157.50Mr R S Uden
2000-09-30Patagonia (GB)PA0-60/6511/1226.75Mr R S Uden
2000-09-09Afra (GB)PA0-50/557/99.00Mr R S Uden
2000-09-03Afra (GB)PA0-60/655/85.25Mr R S Uden
2000-07-23Naserah (GB)PA0-70/759/118.00Mr R S Uden