Jockey Form: Mr N J Tinkler

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Mr N J Tinkler. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2002-10-13Ibn Munir (GB)PA0-80/857/198.75Mrs J Candlish
2002-10-13Juma (GB)PA0-90/958/1410.25Mrs G M Duffield
2002-09-28Alkhaasa (GB)PAMaid5/518.00Mrs G M Duffield
2002-09-28Zormane (FR)PACond3/54.25Mrs G M Duffield
2002-09-28Don Du Ciel Al Maury (FR)PA0-80/851/11Mr W M Smith
2002-09-28Elkarim (GB)PA0-90/953/114.75Mrs G M Duffield
2002-09-21WFA Leena (GB)PA0-60/652/9hdMs C A C Cunningham
2002-09-21Bridget The Midget (GB)PA0-40/455/96.50Mr D P Keane
2002-09-21Nasseem (GB)PA0-70/7512/1251.50+Mr D P Keane
2002-09-21Ajayib (GB)PA0-100+3/41.50Mrs G M Duffield
2002-09-15Lile D'Amour (GB)PA0-60/656/1510.00Mrs Susan Connally
2002-09-15Badaayer (GB)PAMaid4/423.50Mrs G M Duffield
2002-09-08Kaolino (FR)PAMaid1/5Mrs G M Duffield
2002-09-08Ikhteyaar (GB)PA0-70/751/6Mrs G M Duffield
2002-08-09Djeldor De Bozouls (FR)PA0-100+2/7shMrs G M Duffield
2002-08-09Anam (GB)PA0-90/954/425.75Mrs G M Duffield
2002-08-04Athlas (FR)PAInt8/834.50Mrs G M Duffield
2002-08-03Dambak Du Monteil (FR)PA0-100+4/78.00Mrs G M Duffield
2002-08-03Qosheeyya (GB)PAMC1/6Mrs G M Duffield
2002-08-03Juma (GB)PAMaid1/4Mrs G M Duffield
2002-06-29Ikhteyaar (GB)PA0-80/856/1012.50Mrs G M Duffield
2002-06-29Anam (GB)PA0-100+5/88.50Mrs G M Duffield
2002-06-29Qosheeyya (GB)PAMC2/93.50Mrs G M Duffield
2002-06-16Athlas (FR)PACond2/41.00Mrs G M Duffield
2002-06-08Sir Basil (GB)AA/PBC & OR1/4Mr J McLoughlin