Jockey Form: Mr N D Isaac

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Mr N D Isaac. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2001-10-14Sabez (GB)PA0-80/855/129.75Mr J R Stroud
2001-10-14Shurouk (GB)PA0-90/958/137.75Miss C A C Cunningham
2001-09-30Nashwaan (GB)PA0-60/655/103.50Mr M Neatby
2001-09-30Jahaz (GB)PAOC4/618.50Mrs G M Duffield
2001-09-16Nashwaan (GB)PA0-80/852/42.00Mr M Neatby
2001-09-16Alanya (GB)PA0-60/655/79.75Mrs Susan Connally
2001-09-02Wasseem (GB)PAMaid9/923.25Miss C A C Cunningham
2001-08-12Russian Rose (GB)PA0-60/653/55.50Miss C J Legg
2001-08-04Cheytan Du Causse (FR)PAOC4/67.25Mrs G M Duffield
2001-07-22Ares De Chavagne (FR)PA0-90/9512/1344.00Miss L Meakins
2000-10-08Ma Ani (GB)PAC & OR5/59.00Mrs G M Duffield
2000-09-30Al Reeh Janoob (GB)PAC & OR3/325.75Mrs Jenny Lees
2000-09-30Serenity Jamil (CAN)PA0-60/655/1214.50Mrs Jenny Lees
2000-09-30Valinko (FR)PA0-100+2/41.25Mrs G M Duffield
2000-09-30Anam (GB)PAMaid4/66.00Mrs G M Duffield
2000-09-09Orza (FR)PAD71/5Miss S G Kelleway
2000-08-12Gagman (FR)PAOC2/31.00Mrs G M Duffield
2000-08-12Ygnasio (GB)PA0-50/551/5Mrs G M Richardson
2000-08-06Twisting Dancer (GB)AA/PBC & OR5/538.00Mr C M Dyer
2000-08-06Valinko (FR)PA0-90/952/70.00Mrs G M Duffield
2000-07-15Kwartets Sand Storm (GB)PAD63/538.00+Mrs G M Duffield
2000-07-15Gigiaro (GB)PA0-50/552/43.00Mrs L R Hunt
2000-06-18Gormane De Tanues (FR)PAC & OR4/46.00Mrs G M Duffield
2000-06-18Iltshi (GB)PA0-70/753/65.75Mrs A Cook
2000-06-11Refarri Xedos (GB)PA0-50/554/432.00+Mrs C Conen