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Date Trk Race Dist Going Wgt Rat Eqpt Pos Beat Jockey S/P
2021-09-18Wolv0-7507fStd9-06674/126.00Howard Cheng 4-1
2021-08-19Chep0-8008fGd9-01673/141.75Howard Cheng 15-2
2021-07-17Donc0-7510fGd9-04652/13nseHoward Cheng 10-1
2021-06-05Donc0-9012fG-F8-07654/11Howard Cheng 9-1
2021-05-26Wolv0-8010fStd8-13656/918.75Howard Cheng 9-1
2020-11-21Wolv0-709.5fStd9-10541/8Howard Cheng 3-1J
2020-10-31Wolv0-7512fStd8-07451/10Howard Cheng 12-1
2020-10-17Wolv0-6508fStd9-065012/1315.75Howard Cheng 7-1
2020-09-14Wolv0-759.5fStd8-10504/134.50Howard Cheng 16-1
2019-09-21Wolv0-5508fStd10-02504/1011.25Racheal Kneller 20-1
2019-08-18WolvMaid08fStd9-088/1056.00Racheal Kneller 20-1
2019-07-28NewbGrp 307fGd, G-F9-089/1038.25Racheal Kneller 20-1