B Wing

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Date Trk Race Dist Going Wgt Rat Eqpt Pos Beat Jockey S/P
2019-08-18Wolv0-5012fStd10-02455/911.50Mr James W Harding 3-1cf
2018-06-10Wolv0-4514fStd10-0745hd3/92.25Mr James Kendrick 7-2
2017-09-23HuntFinal09.5fGd, G-F10-0048es9/1013.00Mr James Kendrick 6-1
2017-08-28Wind0-4010fG-F10-0740es1/9Mr James Kendrick 11-2
2017-06-17Wolv0-5012fStd10-00435/1111.50Mr M J P Kendrick 9-2
2017-05-21Taun0-4510fGd, G-F10-74510/1233.50Mr M J P Kendrick 7-1
2017-05-07Wolv0-5008fStd10-7485/98.25Miss S Brotherton 7-2
2016-06-05Here0-5508fG-F10-02508/821.25Miss Joanna Mason 10-2
2016-05-22Taun0-5007fG-F10-07503/55.50Miss Page Fuller 7-4
2016-05-07HereMaid06fG-F10-047/924.75+Miss Page Fuller 50-1
2016-04-17ChmsMaid07fStd10-047/845.75+Miss Page Fuller 33-1