Island Benedict

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Date Trk Race Dist Going Wgt Rat Eqpt Pos Beat Jockey S/P
2006-07-01ExetBand16fFm9-7408/1064.00Miss Emma L Owen 33-1
2006-06-25HereBand07fFm, G-F9-7408/1023.75Mr R G Woollard 20-1
2006-05-27WolvBand06fStd9-1240cp9/1020.25Mr R G Woollard 25-1
2005-09-10LingBand10fStd9-1340bl7/749.75+Miss Anna Wallace 12-1
2005-09-04MarkF307fG-F, Fm9-1340bl5/510.00Mr R G Woollard 4-1
2005-06-25HuntCond10fFm9-1340cp7/1029.25Mr H Haynes 33-1
2005-06-18HereCond07fG-F, Fm10-440bl4/621.25Mr R G Woollard 7-1
2005-06-11WolvCond05fStd10-440bl6/810.75Mr R G Woollard 12-1
2005-05-21WolvCond09fStd10-440cp9/1034.75Mr R G Woollard 10-1
2004-09-25Chep0-40/4508fSft9-327bl9/1520.75Mr R G Woollard 16-1
2004-08-21Stra0-80/8516fGd, G-S9-027cp7/866.75+Mr R G Woollard 40-1
2004-07-24UttoCond05fFm9-1127cp10/1511.75Mr D R Cook 16-1
2004-07-03Exet0-40/4508fG-F9-727cp3/87.00Miss K Turbutt 16-1
2004-06-26HuntCond06fFm, G-F9-1127cp7/1012.50Miss K Turbutt 20-1
2004-06-19Here0-40/4514fFm9-527cp4/718.50Miss K Turbutt 7-1
2004-05-22Wolv0-40/4505fStd9-1029cp3/77.00Miss K Turbutt 20-1
2004-05-16Exet0-50/5508fG-F9-029cp5/534.75Mr P Deymonaz 6-1
2003-09-27Chep0-40/4516fG-F9-327cp10/1193.50+Miss Anna Wallace
2003-09-20Bang0-40/4508fG-F9-327cp3/101.25Miss Anna Wallace
2003-06-22Here0-40/4514fHd10-027cp3/123.50Miss K Turbutt
2003-05-30Font0-40/4515fFm, G-F9-10278/1183.75+Mr R G Woollard
2003-05-03Taun0-40/4506fFm10-6329/1015.50Mr R G Woollard