A Mans Man (FR)

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Date Trk Race Dist Going Wgt Rat Eqpt Pos Beat Jockey S/P
2006-09-23WolvOH16fStd9-183tt, vis3/418.75Mr S Holdsworth 7-2
2006-08-19Ling0-90/9516fStd10-583tt, vis2/63.50Mr S Holdsworth 10-1
2006-07-23Newb0-100+13fGd9-283vis5/109.25Mr S Holdsworth 14-1
2006-07-08Ling0-90/9513fStd9-1083tt4/810.00Mr H Haynes 10-1
2006-06-25HereOH14fFm, G-F9-293tt2/67.00Mr Simon Walker 5-1
2005-09-16Newb0-90/9510fG-F10-593tt14/1521.50Mr S Holdsworth 10-1
2005-07-31NewbGroup16fG-S9-893tt, vis3/623.25Mr Simon Walker 3-1
2005-06-11Wolv0-90/9512fStd10-588tt1/10Mr Simon Walker 6-4f
2005-05-21Wolv0-90/9514fStd10-285tt1/6Mr S Holdsworth 6-1
2004-09-25Chep0-100+16fSft10-689tt, vis5/913.75Mr P Deymonaz 6-1
2003-05-16SaliCond14fG-F10-280tt, vis1/15Mr Simon Walker
2002-09-21BrigMaid12fFm10-32/415.00Mr A Holdsworth
2002-09-08BrigMaid10fG-F10-34/521.00Mr A Holdsworth