30 November 2020
Race Time:15:15
Shadwell Arabian Stallions Handicap Stakes

Horse Rat Age/Gen Weight Trainer
Emiraaty (FR)909 g10-00Mr James Owen
Loolwa 904 f10-00Mr Philip Collington
Anfaas 876 m9-11Mr Philip Collington
Farhaa 875 m9-11Mr James Owen
Sattam (FR)854 g9-09Mr James Owen
Mazyoonah 805 m9-04Mr James Owen
Al Mutasallet 774 g9-01Mr James Owen
Al Monther 726 g8-10Mr Philip Collington
Al-Tabari 654 g8-03Mr P J Hammersley
Falcon Du Roc'h (FR)605 g7-12Mr Philip Collington

If the highest acceptor is below 10st, it may be raised to a weight not above 10st and the others will be raised equally.
Bottom weight not below 8st.