14 September 2020
Race Time:15:40
wathbastallions.com Handicap Stakes

Horse Rat Age/Gen Weight Trainer
Al Monther 756 g10-07Mr Philip Collington
Mazyoonah 755 m10-07Mr James Owen
Jinaan 744 f10-06Mr Philip Collington
Mawarid 735 g10-05Mr James Owen
Alghally (FR)725 g10-04Mr James Owen
Mustafeed 704 g10-02Mr Philip Collington
Dartianne (FR)656 g9-11Mrs Jayme Plumb
Arwen Forta (AE)606 m9-06Mr James Owen
Zayin Zyperion 605 h9-06Mr P J Hammersley
Bin Al Reeh 596 h9-05Mr P J Hammersley
Callymay 5910 m9-05Mrs D Thomas
Kayclaire 559 m9-01Mrs D Thomas
Al-Tabari 504 g8-10Mr P J Hammersley
Deena Bint Krayaan 308 m7-04Ms Nikki Malcolm

If the highest acceptor is below 10st 07lbs, it may be raised to a weight not above 10st 07lbs and the others will be raised equally.
Bottom weight not below 8st 07lbs.