16 September 2018
Race Time:16:00
Totesport supports UK Arabian Racing Bronze Final Handicap Stakes 0-50
Allowances apply

Horse Rat Age/Gen Weight Trainer
Noble Athlete (FR)4916 g10-07Mrs D Thomas
Zayin Zamurai 499 g10-07Mr A S Newey
Insignia 467 g10-04exMr James Owen
B Wing 457 g10-03Mr A S Newey
Elyassaat (FR)457 g10-03Jayme Plumb
Johara Bint Shuwaiman 457 m10-03Nikki Malcolm
Katwalk 4312 m10-01Claire Taylor

If the highest acceptor is below 10st 07lbs , it may be raised to a weight not above 10st 07lbs and the others will be raised equally. Bottom weight not below 9st