2017 Video Form

Please find below all race results that have corresponding videos for the 2017 season.

Date Course Time Race Name
2017-05-07Wolv13:00Botanica International Newcomers Maiden Stakes
2017-05-07Wolv13:30Botanica International Natural Herbal Cream 0-35 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-07Wolv14:00Botanica International 0-75 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-07Wolv14:30Botanica International 5-in- 1 Spray 0-50 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-07Wolv15:00Botanica International Open Maiden Stakes
2017-05-07Wolv15:30Botanica International Cleansing Wash 0-65 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-07Wolv16:00Botanica International 0-90 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-07Wolv16:30Botanica Natures Healing Energy Purebred Arabian Open Handicap
2017-05-21Taun13:00Forta Stud Restricted Maiden Stakes
2017-05-21Taun13:35Royal Cavalry Of Oman 0-60 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-21Taun14:10Visit Oman Open Maiden Stakes
2017-05-21Taun14:45The Sultanate Of Oman 0-70 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-21Taun15:20Royal Cavalry Of Oman 0-105 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-21Taun15:55Royal Cavalry Of Oman 0-45 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-21Taun16:30Royal Cavalry Of Oman 0-80 Handicap Stakes
2017-05-21Taun17:05The Heritage Arabian Racing Club Conditions
2017-06-01Chms17:10Shadwell Arabian Stallions International Stakes, Part of Dubai International Arabian Races
2017-06-01Chms17:40Dubai International Arabian Races at Newbury, 30th July International Stakes (Part of DIAR)
2017-06-03Donc18:10Royal Cavalry of Oman Premier Handicap Stakes 0-85
2017-06-10Chep17:10DIAR Premier Handicap Stakes
2017-06-15Newb13:00Dubai International Arabian Races at Newbury, 30th July International Stakes (Part of DIAR)
2017-06-17Wolv13:00Come Racing with ARO 0-35 Handicap Stakes
2017-06-17Wolv13:30Arabian Racehorse Magazine Maiden Stakes
2017-06-17Wolv14:00Experience Arabian Racing 0-60 Handicap Stakes
2017-06-17Wolv14:30ARO Annual Review Restricted Maiden
2017-06-17Wolv15:00The Reg Smith, Kingdom Of Bahrain 0-50 Handicap Stakes
2017-06-17Wolv15:30Arabian Racing Organisation 0-95 Handicap Stakes
2017-06-17Wolv16:00The Heritage Arabian Racing Club Maiden Stakes
2017-06-17Wolv16:30Sponsor With ARO 0-80 Handicap Stakes
2017-06-26Chep13:30Hope Farm 0-70 Handicap Stakes
2017-06-29New17:20Dubai International Arabian Races at Newbury, 30th July International Stakes
2017-07-13Newb16:50Debbie Burt - Equine Creative Media Progressive Conditions Stakes
2017-07-15Chms13:00Wathba Stallions Maiden Stakes
2017-07-15Chms13:35Wathba Stallions 0-55 Handicap Stakes
2017-07-15Chms14:10Come Racing at Chelmsford 12th August 0-95 Handicap Stake
2017-07-15Chms14:45Wathba Stallions 0-65 Handicap Stakes
2017-07-15Chms15:20Wathba Stallions 0-80 Handicap Stakes
2017-07-15Chms15:55Wathba Stallions 0-40 Handicap Stakes
2017-07-15Chms16:30Wathba Stallions Restricted Maiden Stakes
2017-07-18Bath13:30The Royal Cavalry of Oman 0-50 Handicap Stakes
2017-07-30Newb14:05Emirates Premier Handicap Stakes
2017-07-30Newb14:35Emirates NBD International Stakes
2017-07-30Newb15:05Emirates Equestrian Federation International Stakes (Group 2 PA)
2017-07-30Newb15:40Jebel Ali Racecourse Za'abeel International Stakes (Group 1 PA)
2017-07-30Newb16:20Shadwell Arabian Stallions Hatta International Stakes (Group 1 PA)
2017-07-30Newb16:55Shadwell Dubai International Stakes (Group 1 PA)
2017-07-30Newb17:25Roda Hotels and Resorts Premier Handicap Stakes
2017-07-30Newb17:55UAE Embassy Handicap Stakes
2017-08-02Good17:20Qatar International Stakes
2017-08-04Bath17:00The Royal Cavalry of Oman 0-60 Handicap Stakes
2017-08-12Chms18:00Wathba Stallions Open Maiden Stakes
2017-08-12Chms18:30HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship (IFAHR)
2017-08-12Chms19:00HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Apprentice World Championship (IFAHR)
2017-08-12Chms19:30H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup (Group 1 PA)
2017-08-12Chms20:00Wathba Stallions 0-50 Handicap Stakes
2017-08-12Chms20:30Wathba Stallions 0-35 Handicap Stakes
2017-08-19Newb12:50Royal Cavalry of Oman Clarendon Stakes
2017-08-28Wind13:00Visit Oman Open Maiden
2017-08-28Wind13:30The Sultanate of Oman 0-40 Handicap Stakes
2017-08-28Wind14:00The Royal Cavalry of Oman 0-80 Handicap
2017-08-28Wind14:30Visit Oman 0-55 Handicap Stakes
2017-08-28Wind15:00Royal Cavalry of Oman Conditions Race
2017-08-28Wind15:30The Sultanate of Oman 0-70 Handicap Stakes
2017-08-28Wind16:00The Heritage Arabian Racing Club Handicap Conditions
2017-09-16Chms13:00Wathba Stallions Juvenile Conditions
2017-09-16Chms13:35Wathba Stallions 0-75 Handicap
2017-09-16Chms14:10Wathba Stallions Conditions Maiden
2017-09-16Chms14:45Wathba Stallions 0-60 Handicap Stakes
2017-09-16Chms15:20Wathba Stallions 0-85 Handicap Stakes
2017-09-16Chms15:55Wathba Stallions 0-45 Handicap Stakes
2017-09-16Chms16:30Arabian Racing Organisation 0-95 Handicap Stakes
2017-09-16Donc17:20President Of The UAE Cup (UK Arabian Derby)
2017-09-23Hunt13:00Friends of Arabian Racing Memorial 0-40 Handicap Stakes
2017-09-23Hunt13:35Forta Stud Mares & Fillies Maiden Stakes
2017-09-23Hunt14:10The Arabian Horse Organization Bronze Final 0-55 Handicap
2017-09-23Hunt14:45Arabian Racing Organisation Open Maiden Stakes
2017-09-23Hunt15:20The Arabian Horse Organization Silver Final 0-70 Handicap
2017-09-23Hunt15:55Arabian Racing Organisation Purebred Arabian Open Handicap
2017-09-23Hunt16:30Heritage Arabian Racing Club Handicap Conditions
2017-09-23Hunt17:05The Arabian Horse Organization Gold Final 0-80 Handicap