2021 Fast Race Results

Please find below the fast race results for the 2021 season. Full results will be available shortly via the results page under the 2021 Racing tab.

Many thanks to the people below, who have helped compile the fast results when I've been unable to attend. Their help is much appreciated!

Date Time/Course 1st 2nd 3rd
2021-07-1717:30 DoncAbqarryAl-TabariBalqees
2021-07-1412:30 LingZayin ZyperionKayackAljawaaher
2021-07-0117:20 NewbMuneerAl KhaleejyAbiyah Athbah
2021-06-2817:00 WindFalcon Du Roc'hSerafim FortaRun The Risk
2021-06-2216:25 NewbFarhaaLoolwaToofaan
2021-06-0512:30 DoncJadaayilBalqeesFarhaa
2021-06-0316:25 ChmsSahisAlsimsaamZayin Zyperion
2021-05-2617:20 WolvMazyoonahNadelshibaFarasah
2021-05-2216:45 LingMuneerAl KhaleejyAl Mahbooba
2021-05-2016:35 ChmsWanaasaAl KaaserFarhaa
2021-05-0312:30 BathBin Al ReehJamaraatZayin Zyperion
2021-04-2812:45 WolvFarasahAldaanaAlsimsaam