Mr Philip Collington

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2021-09-20Alanwaar PA0-602/11nk7-1Dougie Costello
2021-09-18AJS Hajaj (QA)PA0-751/125-1Josephine Gordon
2021-09-11Alghanny PAGrp 18/938.0012-1Kevin Stott
2021-09-11Alajab PAGrp 13/914.007-1Dane O'Neill
2021-09-11Khateer PAGrp 17/935.7512-1Ray Dawson
2021-09-04Alajab PAGrp 36/85.507-1Ray Dawson
2021-09-04Alghanny PAGrp 38/815.2514-1Cam Hardie
2021-09-04Bayan Athbah PAGrp 31/87-2fTom Marquand
2021-08-25Alanwaar PAMaid7/855.5020-1Sam Hitchcott
2021-08-25AJS Hajaj (QA)PAMaid4/82.503-1Tadhg O'Shea
2021-08-19Balqees (FR)PA0-806/143.757-1Ryan Tate
2021-08-19Jinaan PA0-8011/1412.2514-1George Bass
2021-08-19Jamaraat PA0-808/148.2520-1Katherine Begley
2021-08-14Bayan Athbah PAGrp 21/89-2Tadhg O'Shea
2021-08-14Jamaraat PAGrp 28/819.7512-1Dane O'Neill
2021-08-12Alajab PAMaid1/710-1Neil Callan
2021-08-12Al Khaleejy PAMaid6/76.004-6fDane O'Neill
2021-08-12Sultana PAMaid3/73.0010-1T Eaves
2021-08-09Upstart Crow (GB)PA0-559/1317.2516-1Louis Steward
2021-07-28Loolwa PAGrp 15/1112.2516-1Jim Crowley
2021-07-17Alsimsaam PA0-7511/1331.7512-1Trevor Whelan
2021-07-17Upstart Crow (GB)PA0-758/1327.5050-1Miss Nell McCann (7)
2021-07-17Awtaar PA0-759/1330.5016-1Daniel Muscutt
2021-07-17Thayer Athbah PA0-7512/1334.7515-2Dylan Hogan
2021-07-17Balqees (FR)PA0-753/135.009-2fDane O'Neill