Mr L Gedge-Gibson

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2017-09-23Billy's Girl PA0-403/88.006-1Mr James W Harding
2017-09-16Billy's Girl PA0-604/66.755-1Mr James W Harding
2017-08-28Billy's Girl PA0-407/920.003-1Mr James W Harding
2017-08-12Billy's Girl PA0-351/77-2Mr James W Harding
2017-07-15Billy's Girl PA0-405/734.257-2Mr James W Harding
2017-06-17Billy's Girl PAMaid4/716.0033-1Mr James W Harding
2017-06-01Billy's Girl PACond5/566.0016-1Mr James W Harding
2017-05-21Billy's Girl PA0-4512/1289.506-1Mr James W Harding
2017-05-07Billy's Girl PA0-503/94.504-1Mr James W Harding
2016-09-25Billy's Girl PAFinal3/112.0012-1Mr James W Harding
2016-08-07Billy's Girl PA0-609/914.0033-1Mr James W Harding
2016-07-29Billy's Girl PA0-505/916.5012-1Mr James W Harding
2016-07-01Heart Of Glass PA0-809/934.00+20-1Mr James W Harding
2016-07-01Billy's Girl PA0-558/824.255-1Mr James W Harding
2016-05-22Billy's Girl PA0-607/835.507-1Mr Benjamin Rabillard (5)
2016-05-22Heart Of Glass PA0-408/1069.5016-1Mr Benjamin Rabillard (5)
2016-05-07Heart Of Glass PAMaid5/556.0012-1Mr Benjamin Rabillard (5)
2016-05-07Billy's Girl PAMaid6/924.75+33-1Mr Benjamin Rabillard (5)
2016-04-17Heart Of Glass PAMaid6/755.507-1Mr M S Johnson
2016-04-17Billy's Girl PAMaid8/850.75+16-1Mr Bradley Paris-Crofts (5)
2013-09-08Many A Slip (GB)P/A/TORH6/111.00+Miss R McKee (5)
2013-09-08Beseech (USA)P/A/TORH5/106.75+8-1Miss R McKee (5)
2013-07-21Beseech (USA)P/A/TOH10/1225-1Miss R McKee (5)
2013-07-06Beseech (USA)P/A/TORC7/842.506-1Miss R McKee
2013-07-06Many A Slip (GB)P/A/TOH4/104.7512-1Miss R McKee