Ms B Deutrom

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2021-09-18Storm Troupour (US)PA0-759/1214.507-1Sam Hitchcott
2021-08-14Storm Troupour (US)PAGrp 27/813.7533-1Rob Hornby
2021-07-28Storm Troupour (US)PAGrp 111/1134.50100-1Ellie Mackenzie
2021-07-01Kao Kat MHF (US)PACons10/1137.0012-1Sean Levey
2021-07-01Storm Troupour (US)PACons8/1122.7510-1Ryan Tate
2019-09-24Kao Kat MHF (US)PA0-908/916.253-1David Probert
2019-08-18Pharitz Fahr PANov2/66.0013-8Mr D Turner
2019-08-18Elm Avicii PAMaid9/1086.0033-1Mr James W Harding (3)
2019-08-17Storm Troupour (US)PAGrp 38/109.255-1Daniel Muscott
2019-08-17Kao Kat MHF (US)PAGrp 37/107.758-1Tom Marquand
2019-08-11Kao Kat MHF (US)PAGrp 17/822.5020-1Sean Levey
2019-08-11Storm Troupour (US)PAGrp 15/85.5010-1Daniel Muscott
2019-07-31Storm Troupour (US)PAGrp 18/842.7520-1Silvestre de Sousa
2019-07-28Crahck (FR)PA40-7513/1614.756-1Mr D Turner
2019-07-28Kao Kat MHF (US)PAGrp 19/928.006-1Mr D Turner
2019-06-22Kao Kat MHF (US)PA0-956/723.254-1Mr D Turner
2019-06-15Crahck (FR)PA0-704/96.507-2jfMr D Turner
2019-06-13Kao Kat MHF (US)PACond1/411-2Sean Levey
2019-06-13Storm Troupour (US)PACond2/42.259-4Mr D Turner
2019-06-09Crahck (FR)PA0-651/515-8Mr D Turner
2019-06-09Elm Avicii PAMaid6/643.7512-1Mr D Turner
2018-09-25Furry PA0-855/915.007-1Mr D Turner
2018-09-22Kao Kat MHF (US)PA0-1109/946.7512-1Mr James W Harding
2018-09-16Mersal PAFinal6/625.257-1Mr D Turner
2018-09-16Furry PAFinal4/97.754-1jfMr D Turner