Mr A S Newey

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2019-09-21Zayin Zamurai PA0-556/1021.2511-2Mr Ciaran Jones (5)
2019-08-18Vindetta PA0-704/83.504-1Mr James W Harding (3)
2019-08-18B Wing PA0-505/911.503-1cfMr James W Harding (3)
2019-08-18Syrah Gris PA0-501/911-2Mr Will Pettis
2019-08-12Vindetta PA45-653/103.258-11Miss Beatriz Alonso
2019-08-12Kamikaze PA45-651/1014-1Miss Helen Boehler
2019-08-03Syrah Gris PA0-555/125.5010-1Mr Will Pettis
2019-08-03Zayin Zamurai PA0-554/125.506-1Mr James W Harding (3)
2019-07-28Zayin Zamurai PA40-755/166.0016-1Mr Ciaran Jones (5)
2019-07-28Syrah Gris PA40-759/168.5033-1Noel Garbutt
2019-07-28Vindetta PA50-908/866.0010-1Ellie Mackenzie
2019-07-28Kamikaze PA50-907/828.0020-1Noel Garbutt
2019-07-03Kamikaze PA0-805/643.003-1Mr Will Pettis
2019-06-15Syrah Gris PA0-709/917.2510-1Mr Nath McCann (5)
2019-06-15Zayin Zamurai PA0-706/99.256-1Mr Ciaran Jones (5)
2019-06-09Kamikaze PA0-652/52.757-2Mr James W Harding
2019-06-09Nicsar Diamond Jubilee PA0-553/822.007-2Mr Will Pettis
2019-06-08Zayin Zamurai PA0-603/94.75Mr James W Harding (3)
2019-06-08Syrah Gris PA0-604/97.756-1Mr Will Pettis
2018-10-06Syrah Gris PA0-653/102.0010-1Mr Will Pettis
2018-10-06Vindetta PA0-651/106-1Mr James W Harding
2018-09-16Vindetta PAFinal4/76.503-1fMr James W Harding
2018-09-16Syrah Gris PAFinal5/79.0016-1Mr Ciaran Jones (5)
2018-09-16Zayin Zamurai PAFinal3/61.757-2Mr James W Harding
2018-09-16Southpaw PAFinal3/77.755-1Mr James W Harding