Miss E Owen

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2015-09-05Rapid Water (GB)TBTB 1-58/810.00+5-2Miss Emma L Owen
2015-05-17Rapid Water (GB)TBTB1/85-2Miss Emma L Owen
2014-09-28Rapid Water (GB)TBOpen5/106.25+Miss Emma L Owen
2014-09-28Kaahen (USA)TBOpen5/93.00+Mr Daniel Gannon (5)
2014-09-07Kaahen (USA)TBOH2/82.00Mr Simon Walker (5)
2014-07-27Rapid Water (GB)TBOR6/92.50+Miss Emma L Owen
2014-07-27Kaahen (USA)TBOR7/92.50+Mr Daniel Gannon (5)
2014-07-05Kaahen (USA)TBOR6/85.00+Mr Daniel Gannon (5)
2014-07-05Rapid Water (GB)TBOR3/85.00Miss Emma L Owen
2014-06-22Rapid Water (GB)TBOpen1/10Miss Emma L Owen
2014-05-11Rapid Water (GB)TBOR1/8Miss Emma L Owen
2013-05-11Adalar (IRE)P/A/TOH4/97.50+5-2fMiss Emma L Owen
2013-05-05Adalar (IRE)P/A/TOH5/89.258-1Miss Emma L Owen
2012-09-09Global Achiever (GB)P/A/TOR5/138.2514-1Miss Emma L Owen
2012-08-25Global Achiever (GB)P/A/TOR5/1249.008-1Mr Simon Walker
2012-08-25Adalar (IRE)P/A/TOH2/131.754-1Mr Simon Walker
2012-08-11Global Achiever (GB)P/A/TOR10/1221.255-1Miss Emma L Owen
2012-07-28Adalar (IRE)P/A/TOH2/124.007-2Miss Emma L Owen
2012-07-28Global Achiever (GB)P/A/TOR3/80.757-2Miss Emma L Owen
2012-07-22Global Achiever (GB)P/A/TORC5/820.006-1Miss Emma L Owen
2012-06-30Adalar (IRE)P/A/TOH 7/1214.2512-1Miss Emma L Owen
2012-06-30Global Achiever (GB)P/A/TOC10/1213.7510-1Miss Emma L Owen
2012-06-17Global Achiever (GB)P/A/TOH PU/911-4jMiss Emma L Owen
2012-06-17Adalar (IRE)P/A/TOH 1/42-1Miss Emma L Owen
2012-06-03Global Achiever (GB)P/A/TOR3/71.509-2Miss Emma L Owen