Mrs G M Duffield

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Mrs G M Duffield. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Jockey
2015-09-25Salaama (GB)PAGrp9/1033.7513-2Dane O'Neill
2015-09-25Samir (FR)PAGrp6/1017.5015-2Harry Bentley
2015-09-25Ashraaf (FR)PAGrp5/109.509-1Liam Jones
2015-09-25Bon Baiser De Faust (FR)PAGrp3/104.509-2Paul Hanagan
2015-09-22Jabal Aly (GB)PAPrem1/10Mr P Collington
2015-09-22Naar (FR)PAPrem5/105.25Tadhg O'Shea
2015-09-20Sharaf (FR)PAH'cap5/911.5012-1Mr M Palmer (5)
2015-09-20Maazin (GB)PAH'cap1/95-2jfMr P Collington
2015-09-20Azizi (FR)PACond3/47.257-2Mr Max Kendrick
2015-09-20Tawaazun (FR)PACond1/46-4Mr P Collington
2015-09-20Aljawaaher (GB)PACond4/48.2514-1Miss Page Fuller
2015-09-20Mith'haf Athbah (GB)PAMaid2/96.007-1Mr Will Pettis (5)
2015-09-20Maidaan (FR)PAMaid7/936.5012-1Mr Alessandro Guerrini (5)
2015-09-20Foaad (FR)PAMaid5/913.5012-1Mr Max Kendrick
2015-09-20Sunbulla (FR)PAMaid4/911.253-1Mr P Collington
2015-09-05Sharaf (FR)PA0-756/827.50+7-4fMr P Collington
2015-09-05El Salaam (GB)PA0-902/7nk7-2Mr Max Kendrick
2015-09-05Ashraaf (FR)PA0-901/79-4Mr P Collington
2015-09-05Sunbulla (GB)PAMaid2/93.501-1fMr P Collington
2015-09-05Samir (FR)PAMaid1/94-1Mr Max Kendrick
2015-09-05Maidaan (FR)PAMaid4/916.5010-1Mr Alessandro Guerrini (5)
2015-09-05Saayif Al Arab (FR)PACond2/222.0013-2Miss Page Fuller
2015-09-05Bon Baiser De Faust (FR)PACond1/21-14fMr P Collington
2015-08-30Mazaaya (FR)PA0-852/61.505-1Mr P Collington
2015-08-30Vent De Faust (FR)PACond5/712.008-1Mr Max Kendrick