Shadwell Estate Company Limited

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer/Jockey
2021-07-17Abqarry PA0-751/139-1Mr James Owen
Rossa Ryan
2021-07-17Balqees (FR)PA0-753/135.009-2fMr Philip Collington
Dane O'Neill
2021-07-17Jaahez (FR)PA0-755/139.0012-1Mr James Owen
Mr Jamie Gambin (7)
2021-07-17Alghadeer PA0-756/1313.0015-2Mr James Owen
Laura Pearson
2021-07-17Awtaar PA0-759/1330.5016-1Mr Philip Collington
Daniel Muscutt
2021-07-17Alsimsaam PA0-7511/1331.7512-1Mr Philip Collington
Trevor Whelan
2021-07-01Muneer PACons1/117-2fMr James Owen
Hollie Doyle
2021-07-01Al Khaleejy PACons2/111.007-1Mr Philip Collington
Sam Hitchcott
2021-07-01Nadelshiba (FR)PACons5/116.0015-2Mr James Owen
Mr Alex Chadwick
2021-07-01Mazyoonah PACons7/118.756-1Mr James Owen
Oisin Murphy
2021-06-22Jadaayil (FR)PACons4/98.255-1Mr James Owen
Jack Mitchell
2021-06-22Awtaar PACons5/913.75100-1Mr Philip Collington
Josephine Gordon
2021-06-22Al Kaaser (FR)PACons6/916.504-5fMr James Owen
Jim Crowley
2021-06-22Labwah PACons7/920.5066-1Mr Philip Collington
Joey Haynes
2021-06-22Farhaa PACons1/910-1Mr James Owen
Hollie Doyle
2021-06-22Loolwa PACons2/93.753-1Mr Philip Collington
Dane O'Neill
2021-06-22Toofaan PACons3/96.7512-1Mr James Owen
Oisin Murphy
2021-06-05Jadaayil (FR)PA0-901/116-1Mr James Owen
David Probert
2021-06-05Balqees (FR)PA0-902/116-1Mr Philip Collington
Daniel Muscutt
2021-06-05Farhaa PA0-903/114-1Mr James Owen
Jack Mitchell
2021-06-05Toofaan PA0-905/1113-8fMr James Owen
Dane O'Neill
2021-06-05Awtaar PA0-9010/1125-1Mr Philip Collington
Dylan Hogan
2021-06-05Al Monther PA0-9011/1112-1Mr Philip Collington
Lewis Edmunds
2021-06-03Alsimsaam PA0-652/71.255-2fMr Philip Collington
Dane O'Neill
2021-05-26Mazyoonah PA0-801/99-2Mr James Owen
Rossa Ryan