H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin R Al Maktoum

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin R Al Maktoum. This data cannot be sorted due to both jockey and trainer being shown.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer/Jockey
2020-11-30Mazyoonah PA0-954/68.009-4JMr James Owen
Dougie Costello
2020-11-30Emiraaty (FR)PA0-955/612.007-1Mr James Owen
Mr Alex Chadwick (3)
2020-11-30Loolwa PA0-951/611-4Mr Philip Collington
Kevin Stott
2020-11-30Farhaa PA0-952/60.509-5JMr James Owen
Joanna Mason
2020-11-30Anfaas PA0-953/64.009-1Mr Philip Collington
Mr Stephen Harrison
2020-11-21Mawarid PA0-705/88.003-1JMr James Owen
Jim Crowley
2020-11-19Toofaan PACons3/54.0011-4Mr James Owen
Mr Alex Chadwick (3)
2020-11-19Al Azeeza (FR)PACons4/56.002-1fMr James Owen
Jim Crowley
2020-11-07Wanaasa PANov1/84-1Mr James Owen
Jack Mitchell
2020-11-07Balqees (FR)PANov2/86.0015-2Mr Philip Collington
Eoin Walsh
2020-11-07Nadelshiba (FR)PANov3/88.009-2Mr James Owen
David Probert
2020-11-07Awtaar PANov4/810.2513-2Mr Philip Collington
Josephine Gordon
2020-11-07Alameen PANov5/812.507-2fMr James Owen
Mr Alex Chadwick (3)
2020-11-07Alghadeer PANov7/827.0011-2Mr James Owen
Martin Dwyer
2020-10-31Jinaan PA0-753/1012.5011-2Mr Philip Collington
Eoin Walsh
2020-10-31Al Monther PA0-756/1026.257-1Mr Philip Collington
Mr Stephen Harrison
2020-10-31Alghally (FR)PA0-757/1026.7511-4fMr James Owen
Mr Alex Chadwick (3)
2020-10-31Mawarid PA0-759/1036.256-1Mr James Owen
Jack Mitchell
2020-10-22Loolwa PANov3/96.009-4fMr Philip Collington
Jim Crowley
2020-10-22Alameen PANov6/917.5011-2Mr James Owen
Mr Alex Chadwick (3)
2020-10-22Al Mutasallet PANov7/919.7511-2Mr James Owen
Dane O'Neill
2020-10-22Jeewan PANov8/924.758-1Mr Philip Collington
D Nolan
2020-10-22Jamaraat PANov9/925.2514-1Mr Philip Collington
Ray Dawson
2020-10-17Mustafeed PA0-655/133.757-1Mr Philip Collington
Louis Steward
2020-10-05Al Kaaser (FR)PA0-1051/95-2Mr James Owen
Mr Alex Chadwick (3)