Mr Alex Chadwick

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2021-07-17Sahis (FR)PA0-7510/1331.006-1Mr James Owen
2021-07-14Run The Risk PA0-5510/149.503-1fMr James Owen
2021-07-01Nadelshiba (FR)PACons5/116.0015-2Mr James Owen
2021-06-28Serafim Forta PA0-652/100.5011-2Mr James Owen
2021-06-03Sahis (FR)PA0-651/711-4Mr James Owen
2021-05-26Nadelshiba (FR)PA0-802/9hd9-2Mr James Owen
2021-05-22Abqarry PAMaid6/810.258-1Mr James Owen
2021-05-20Al Kaaser (FR)PA0-1052/52.007-2Mr James Owen
2021-05-03Serafim Forta PA0-705/812.757-4fMr James Owen
2021-04-28Sahis (FR)PAMaid4/97.755-1Mr James Owen
2020-11-30Emiraaty (FR)PA0-955/612.007-1Mr James Owen
2020-11-21Arwen Forta (AE)PA0-706/89.25100-30Mr James Owen
2020-11-19Toofaan PACons3/54.0011-4Mr James Owen
2020-11-16Serafim Forta PA0-601/125-1Mr James Owen
2020-11-07Alameen PANov5/812.507-2fMr James Owen
2020-10-31Alghally (FR)PA0-757/1026.7511-4fMr James Owen
2020-10-22Alameen PANov6/917.5011-2Mr James Owen
2020-10-17Arwen Forta (AE)PA0-651/133-1cfMr James Owen
2020-10-05Al Kaaser (FR)PA0-1051/95-2Mr James Owen
2020-09-29Toofaan PAMaid1/1214-1Mr James Owen
2020-09-14Mawarid PA0-757/136.505-1Mr James Owen
2020-09-05Alghally (FR)PAMaid7/115.75Mr James Owen
2019-09-24Rafeef (FR)PA0-902/90.757-4fMr James Owen
2019-09-21Conquer PA0-553/103.254-1Mr James Owen
2019-08-24Arwen Forta (AE)PA0-657/926.5014-1Mr James Owen