R Kingscote

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for R Kingscote. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2021-09-04Al Kaaser (FR)PAGrp 35/85.259-2Mr James Owen
2020-11-16Zayin Zachilles PA0-608/1212.5011-2Mr P J Hammersley
2020-10-17Zayin Zachilles PA0-6510/139.753-1cfMr P J Hammersley
2020-09-14Al Monther PA0-753/131.2513-2Mr Philip Collington
2020-08-01Abiyah Athbah PAGrp 15/96.7522-1Mr P J Hammersley
2010-08-01Deolali (GB)PAPrem4/154.0011-1Mr A S Newey
2009-08-14Shuhood (GB)PAOH3/67.008-1B Paterson
2009-07-19Deolali (GB)PAPrem2/77.0020-1Mr A S Newey
2009-07-19RM El Nino (SWE)PAGroup11/1336.7540-1Mr G A Aberg
2009-07-19Al Dahis (IQ)PAGroup9/1116.7525-1Mr A S Newey
2009-07-19Wikkara (GB)PAPrem11/237.0012-1Mr A S Newey
2008-08-03Sabden (FR)PAPrem12/1220.2520-1Miss S Davison
2008-07-20Deolali (GB)PAPrem4/128.756-1Miss S Davison
2008-07-20Almost All (GB)PAPrem2/20hd7-1Miss S Davison
2007-08-30Rampart (FR)PAPrem10/1113.0016-1Miss S Davison
2007-08-05Nokomys (GB)PAOH2/103.005-1Miss S Davison
2006-08-06Almost All (GB)PA0-90/952/101.257-1Miss S Davison
2006-07-23Almost All (GB)PA0-70/751/2414-1Miss S Davison
2006-05-16Sing Me A Song (FR)PAGroup5/510.2516-1Miss S Davison
2005-07-09Deolali (GB)PAHC2/110.509-2Miss S Davison
2004-10-10Deolali (GB)PAInt8/828.0012-1Miss S Davison
2004-08-20Zamel (GB)PA0-90/957/827.007-1Mr W M Smith
2004-08-19Baraka Ibn Al-Tesah (UY)PAInt2/63.005-1Mr W M Smith
2004-08-13Baraka Ibn Al-Tesah (UY)PA0-100+3/103.504-1Mr W M Smith
2004-07-18Mehshalla (GB)PA0-70/756/197.7525-1Miss S Davison