Miss A Wallace

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Miss A Wallace. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2018-07-03Mulan PA0-559/1017.009-2Gavin Kelly
2017-07-18Jamaahir PA0-505/99.506-1Mrs D Thomas
2016-08-28Red Myth TBTB 6-104/412¼4-1Mr C Kester
2016-08-19Synergy PA45-653/92.005-1fMr A S Newey
2016-06-11Jamaahir PA0-606/108.7514-1Mrs D Thomas
2015-07-23Top Trip (GB)PA0-6010/1166.757-1Mrs Jenny Peyton
2015-05-02Eau Jember (GB)PAMaid8/99.00+50-1Mrs Susan Connally
2015-05-02Raihan (UAE)PA0-505/731.50+7-2Mrs Susan Connally
2014-09-28Top Trip (GB)PA0-80/8510/105.00+Mrs Jenny Peyton
2014-09-07Elliot's Choice (IRE)TBOH5/87.00Anna Bucknall
2014-09-07Top Trip (GB)PA0-60/652/87.00Mrs Jenny Peyton
2014-08-24Yakshi (GB)PA0-70/759/935.00Doreen Townsend
2014-06-08Nivisna (GB)PA0-50/552/90.75Mr B Wallace
2014-05-11Nivisna (GB)PA0-40/452/100.50Mr B Wallace
2013-09-28Fight Or Flight (GB)P/A/TORC14/1534.7525-1Anna Bucknall
2013-09-28Altered Images (GB)PA0-40/457/923.2510-1Mr D C Stewart
2013-09-08Cosmic Girl (GB)PA0-50/556/74.75+7-2Mrs S Farnese
2013-09-08Bold Maggie (GB)P/A/TORH9/106.75+14-1Ms D Townsend
2013-09-08Altered Images (GB)PA0-40/452/66.008-1Mr D C Stewart
2013-08-25Yakshi (GB)PA0-50/559/1229.5033-1Ms D Townsend
2013-08-03Penzance (GB)PA0-40/457/818.2515-2Mr N Paterson
2013-07-21The Bootle Blitz (GB)P/A/TOH11/1225-1Miss R S Reynolds
2013-07-21Cosmic Girl (GB)PA0-60/655/89.505-1Mrs S Farnese
2013-07-21Penzance (GB)PAMaid10/1231.7520-1Mr N Paterson
2013-07-06Yakshi (GB)PA0-70/757/723.2520-1Ms D Townsend