Jockey Form: Mr P J Murphy

Please find below the 25 most recent race results for Mr P J Murphy. To sort the race results, please click the blue table headers. Clicking the table header twice will sort the data into descending order. Please note that dates are listed in YYYY/MM/DD format to aid the sorting process.

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Date Horse Breed Race Pos Beat Price Trainer
2008-10-11Shouq (GB)PA0-80/858/1015.507-1Mrs Susan Connally
2008-10-11Mr Ben (GB)PA0-80/859/1216.504-1Mr P J Murphy
2008-10-11Sabden (FR)PA0-80/858/1617.0014-1Miss S Davison
2008-10-11Raihan (UAE)PA0-60/652/100.504-1Mrs Susan Connally
2008-08-09Mr Ben (GB)PA0-60/653/93.508-1Mr P J Murphy
2008-08-09Shouq (GB)PA0-50/558/1211.757-1Mrs Susan Connally
2008-07-20Jelvita (FR)PA0-90/954/1112.009-1Mrs S A Herrod
2008-07-20Pavots Dreamboy (GB)PAPrem9/2014.2525-1Miss C J Legg
2008-06-15Mr Ben (GB)PA0-70/756/88.5010-1Mr P J Murphy
2008-06-15Star Valentina (GB)PAMaid10/1121.7540-1Ms G Plumbley
2007-10-06Lile D'Amour (GB)PA0-80/854/144.5012-1Mrs Susan Connally
2007-10-06CS Khan (GB)PA0-80/857/174.0012-1Miss S Davison
2007-10-06Jelvita (FR)PA0-100+6/86.253-1Susan Herrod
2007-09-29Mushammer (UAE)PA0-60/651/124-1Miss C J Legg
2007-09-29Pavots Dreamboy (GB)PA0-70/755/74.505-1Miss C J Legg
2007-09-29CS Khan (GB)PA0-90/953/813.0012-1Miss S Davison
2007-09-29Fair Deed Dash (GB)PA0-50/555/1112.009-2Miss C J Legg
2007-09-29Mr Ben (GB)PA0-60/653/68.504-5fMr P J Murphy
2007-09-22Millennium Leap (GB)PA0-60/659/920.7520-1Mr P J Murphy
2007-09-22CS Wraith (GB)PA0-70/7515/1642.2540-1Mr P R Simmons
2007-09-09Golden Dream (GB)PA0-40/456/108.5012-1Miss C J Legg
2007-09-09Millennium Leap (GB)PA0-60/657/828.507-1Mr P J Murphy
2007-09-09Pavots Dreamboy (GB)PA0-70/757/1113.508-1Miss C J Legg
2007-08-26Jelvita (FR)PA0-90/954/126.258-1Susan Herrod
2007-08-26Pavots Dreamboy (GB)PAPrem5/165.257-1Miss C J Legg