Welcome to Arabian Race Form UK

It's with sadness that I announce the closure of the site at the end of the year. There have been significant problems this season with uploading accurate data to the website. At best this is frustrating for site visitors, at worst it's misleading - either way, it's not how I'd like to run the site.

It's been a pleasure to run the site and contribute in some small way to British Arabian racing over the last five seasons. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported Arabian Race Form and helped improve it - from likes and shares to amendments and suggestions - it's been more than I expected when I started the site.

In the event that the data upto and including the 2018 season is still useful, then I can provide spreadsheets of information upon request. It may take a short while to reach you because the data is spread across several different tables (and won't mean much until it's been joined together!), but I am more than happy to help if I can. I will keep this page active for this reason.

Form site

Launched in the spring of 2014, Arabian Race Form aims to provide visitors to the website with form for horses, trainers, jockeys and owners since 2000. All results have been provided by the Arabian Racing Organisation, and we're very grateful for their assistance and advice in developing this site.

2018 Fixtures

Please visit the ARO website for latest fixtures (this will open in a new window).

How you can help

We are aiming for further development over the coming seasons and would appreciate any help offered by our visitors. The site currently consists of raceday information such as entries in racecard format, detailed results pages, and a search system to allow you to look up any horse, trainer, owner or jockey who has taken part in the sport since 2000. We are currently expanding our database to include breeding information. Each stallion and mare with offspring running in the UK will have their own page, from which visitors will be able to view their progeny. In addition to this, we hope to provide printable race data sheets, which will show racegoers each horse's record over each distance and ground type.

We would appreciate the chance to discuss how the current site could be improved, along with accepting ideas for future development. If the new feature is within our abilities, then we're always interested to include it on the site. To discuss the site, please use the contact form or find us on Facebook.

Site Limitations

Currently the site only consists of UK form held under the Arabian Racing Organisation. We appreciate that this will be frustrating when looking up your form prior to this period or from other countries and hope in time it's something we can address.